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TFC launches new linear spring series

TFC launches new linear spring series TFC's Smalley linear springs offer a selection of spring loads that react along a straight line as opposed to a conventional helical spring that fits in a circular cavity. This results in a spring which, although located in an axial direction, provides a radial force between mating components.

Linear springs are a continuous wave formed wire length produced from spring tempered materials which act as a load bearing device. Since they are manufactured using the same technology that is applied to the production of Smalley edge coiled flat wire wave springs, they have the same load/deflection characteristics and burr free edge profile.

Linear springs from TFC are now produced as a standard item with over 200 sizes readily available from stock in both carbon spring steel and stainless steel. However the ability to provide unique customer designs without tooling costs remain, and TFC engineers are available to discuss your application and provide a free-of-charge design service if required.

Typical applications include rotary vane pumps, where the springs are used to radially load the bottom of the vanes in the pump. The springs energise the vanes against the bore for better sealing. Another application is detent preload, as shown opposite. The linear springs are used to load pins that are positioned inside grooves so a rotating element can detent to specific positions. The springs are designed to exert a precise load to give the rotation a desired resistance.

TFC offers complete information on its new linear spring series including a catalogue supplement featuring several series that have varying loads but fit within the same cavity.
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