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TFC Spirolox rings support an eco racing challenge

TFC Spirolox rings support an eco racing challenge Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) embarked on a tough assignment when they decided to enter the World Solar Challenge, a biannual 3,000 km race from Darwin to Adelaide taking place in October this year. With over 6 years of experience in the design and development of solar-powered vehicles, CUER's aim is to win the race against stiff competition from universities and companies from around the globe using cutting edge technology to harness the power of the sun.

Their latest vehicle launched in November 2012 is a radical departure from their old designs and incorporates space-grade solar panels with sun-tracking capability and a light, highly aerodynamic outer shell. TFC's Spirolox Retaining Rings are being used in two locations on the car - the drive motor where the rings secure the main motor bearings to the non-rotating axle and the front suspension where they hold spherical bearings in place in the wishbone assembly.

Alex Robinson, part of the 60 strong design and development team at CUER says "the compactness, weight and load bearing aspects of TFC's Spirolox Rings made them an ideal choice for both applications. The low profile of the rings which have no lugs to interfere with mating components allowed us to keep the dimensions to a minimum and assist in the critical aspect of weight loss"

Spirolox Retaining Rings are manufactured by coiling from flattened round wire and have many advantages over conventional die-stamped circlips or retaining rings namely,

  • No gap - full 360° retaining surface
  • No Protruding lugs to interfere with mating components (uniform cross section)
  • Economically produced in stainless steel
  • Easy installation and removal (see guide below)
  • No tooling charges on custom designs
  • Available in a wide range of exotic materials and finishes
  • Special end configurations to suit specific applications
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