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The total package on anaerobic adhesives

The total package on anaerobic adhesives
ThreeBond says its 1300 series is distinguished from ordinary adhesives and sealants by the fact that they remain liquid so long as they are in contact with air. As they enter fine gaps in metal parts and become isolated from oxygen, they harden at normal temperature without shrinking. 

The hardened adhesive is characterised by excellent vibration resistance, heat and chemical resistance, effectively bonding threads and joints and preventing loosening and leakage. Each product is one-part, non-solvent based with good workability and easy use. Typical applications are in thread locking of all types of bolts, studs etc, retaining nuts or sealing threaded joints, for example in hydraulic systems, practically anywhere and everywhere. 

The 1300 series is ideal for fixing/sealing of motor shafts/rotors, pulley or gear fixing, location of bearings, bushes, sleeves, splines, tubes and Welch type core plugs. Indeed, so good is the fine capillary action that some 1300 anaerobic adhesive can even be applied after assembly.

Performance of the 1300 series is characterised by quick hardening at room temperature, little shrinkage, excellent oil, chemical, vibration and weathering resistance. Ease of use is greatly aided by good reactivity even on inert materials such as plated surfaces including zinc chromate chromium and nickel-chromium without the need for an activator.
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