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Theatre drives simulate football on a vertical pitch

Theatre drives simulate football on a vertical pitch

A synonym for Germany’s unexpected victory in the World Cup of 1954, “The Miracle of Bern” has now been made into a musical – a family story about a father coming home from the war and his football-crazy son. In the Stage Theatre in Hamburg, the audience relives the thrilling final at close quarters with the help of impressive stage effects created by Fülling and Partner in which drive systems and control technology play an important role.

“We use standard products because we are convinced they are the best,” says Stephan Hückinghaus, executive partner at Fülling at Partner. The company designed and built the stage machinery for the musical using tried-and-tested industrial technology to meet the very special requirements. All the frequency inverters and servo drives come from Lenze, a partnership that goes back for decades.

How smoothly everything works every evening in the Stage Theatre is impressively demonstrated by one of the key scenes in the family drama. The background in this scene is the football pitch, which is shown on a spectacular LED wall, the largest of its kind ever built inside a theatre. Appearing to float in the air, actors pass the ball to each other against the backdrop of the 16x8m LED screen. Rotated by 90 degrees to a horizontal position, the players are suspended from frames developed by Fülling and Partner. 

The audience thus have the impression of looking downwards onto the wet grass – and feel as if they are actually taking part in the nerve-wracking 3-2 win over Hungary. The frames hold the actors in their places, while moving them along programmed XY trajectories in front of the screen. Thanks to the frames from which the actors are suspended, the end of the musical is a spectacular visual experience. “If the equipment breaks down at such a crucial point as this, the scene is ruined,” says Hückinghaus, pinpointing his greatest concern. Availability counts – and, on a scale of values, comes directly after the safety of the actors and the audience. By availability, the head of stage machinery means reliability and a long useful life. 

“We are always thinking about where bottlenecks could occur that would have critical effects in the event of a serious fault,” says Hückinghaus. Frank Schrölkamp, technical manager at the theatre, adds: “Technicians as well as actors prepare for plan B as well as for the normal show.” 

The servo drives are adapted by means of a plug-in memory module, which can be simply unplugged from an old controller and then plugged into the new one. Optional safety modules meeting safety level PLe can also be plugged-in. The whole installation is mounted to a pre-wired backplane which carries a DC bus connection. The drive is inserted into the backplane and locked in place with a lever. “This can be done very quickly and, what’s most important, we can do it ourselves,” adds Schrölkamp.

Every evening, The Miracle of Bern in Hamburg demonstrates the importance of sophisticated stage machinery with a perfectly coordinated automation system. Lenze drive systems and control technology that have proven their worth in factory automation ensure a high degree of availability and a long useful life – an important aspect that makes to possible to put on shows that thrill the audience without disruption.

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