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Tiny drive punches above its weight

Tiny drive punches above its weight
Some applications need high torque, whilst for others you'll be looking to optimise efficiency. In the past, you may well have had to tackle these conflicting requirements with completely different drive products. But Mitsubishi says its D700 inverter offers a single solution that cuts right across these issues, offering complete power performance and advanced control in one drive package.

Thus, whether an application is high torque or high efficiency, the D700 can match the technical requirements with its comprehensive range of features. The D700 uses sensorless vector control along with advanced energy optimisation algorithm for best and most efficient performance over a wide range of demanding industrial applications. This means the drive is constantly adjusting its settings to meet the changing load requirements of the application. And Mitsubishi claims you get all this from the smallest high performance drive on the market - by a significant amount - which means that it is easy to install as an upgrade or retrofit. 

Guy Kennett, Mitsubishi's drives manager, is excited about the effect that D700 will have on automation engineering: "We now have a single drive product that will cover all applications, from pumps and fans to conveyors and hoists - and just about any other small drive project you care to name. With it we can guarantee optimum performance for every application whether it needs buckets of power for shifting heavy loads and providing surges of torque when needed or the gentle touch for tweaking its settings to get maximum energy efficiency. You can draw a direct analogy with cars: for performance there is little to beat an Formula 1 car, but most of us only need performance occasionally, and are increasingly committed to fuel economy and need reliability above all else. The D700 does this in spades. Fortunately, with the D700 you don't have to compromise one for the other."

The design team had a number of goals when bringing the D700 to market. One of the main challenges today is energy reduction, and Mitsubishi have been able to add intelligent threshold control for a situation where the drive is running with no operational output such as a pump running at minimum speed with no real flow requirement, or a conveyor system which is running but totally unloaded for a period of time. The drive can stop the motor and be ready to come right back to speed using a fast algorithm to negate any demand dwell.

Mitsubishi has also added a drive safety stop within the drive which stops and safely removes the power from the output. The drive can be fed directly by the system safety network removing the need for separate contactors to break the mains connection in the event of an emergency.
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