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Totally vibration and noise-free drives

Totally vibration and noise-free drives

CENTALINK is a highly innovative torsionally stiff coupling that comes in a wide range of sizes and torques and creates flexibility through a series of links that push and pull in any direction. Within each link there is a cylindrical rubber bush connected radially to the hub and a spheroidal flexible rubber bush connected axially to the flange, which results in a highly flexible coupling that accommodates misalignment in all directions.

The use of rubber bushes means that there is no metal-to-metal contact, which ensures that CENTALINK is totally vibration and noise free. Replacement of the bushes overcomes any wear issues.

The strength of CENTALINK is that it not only compensates for considerable axial, radial and angular misalignment, but that the transmission of any vibration is damped by the rubber bushes. It can also bridge wide spans, is backlash free and this, combined with its considerable capacity for  movement, means that any possibility of vibration - and the resulting noise - are removed, making it perfect for specification in environments where noise is an issue.

It must be pointed out that CENTALINK's capacity to transmit desired torque means that it is larger than a UJ joint. However, this is outweighed by the fact that its transient situation means it can move and return to position without any adverse effect on the application.

The key thing to consider when specifying the CENTALINK is the span you need to bridge, as CENTALINK does cover larger distances. It is also perfect in situations where the driver or the driven shaft is moving relative to the other, as the unique link design means it has complete flexibility. This is particularly notable in situations where high transient misalignment has to be overcome, as well as eliminating any type of transmission noise.

CENTALINK can also be combined with a carbon fibre or GRF (Glass Reinforced Fibre) shaft, enabling it to span even longer distances and the GRF material providing electrical isolation.

One of CENTALINK's most prominent applications is in wind turbines where it is primarily used as the main flexible drive. It also serves to protect the expensive mechanical equipment in the turbine as, being located between the gearbox and the generator and incorporating a torque slip device, it safeguards the drive from damage should anything should go wrong with the generator in a high speed situation.

There are also special CENTALINK solutions for medium and slow speed turbines. Industrial applications include cooling towers, plant and equipment, railcars, steel mills and many other diverse heavy engineering situations.

In a marine environment CENTALINK allows the vessel to flex and the driveshaft to follow this movement, rather than pull against it.

The Centa range features a wide variety of flexible couplings, clutches, shafts and gearboxes to suit any drive situation where reliability, misalignment and noise is a problem. What makes Centa unique is the ability to engineer a bespoke engine drive to your specification, as the company's skills lie in designing entire drivelines to suit your requirements, rather than simply supplying an off-the-shelf product.

Centa is also the world leader in carbon fibre driveshaft technology and has supplied many super-strong yet very lightweight shaft solutions for deep well drives, as well as small boats and ships of all types.

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