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Two-stage breather cap

Two-stage breather cap This unique new tank filler cap for hydraulic systems has two selectable modes to accommodate transportation and use of the equipment. Elesa has initiated many new developments in the area of hydraulic system accessories, including a range of tank filler breathers: this SFC cap brings two such features together in one novel unit. The SFC operates as a standard filler breather and provides for high volume oil flow in the first mode, with guaranteed high airflow to compensate as the tank fills/empties rapidly. Mode two is achieved by rotating the cap clockwise on a quick turn thread and this clamps the cap down onto an O-ring making a complete seal which prevents breathing and more importantly loss of oil during transportation. To open the cap for breathing again, the quick turn thread is turned anti-clockwise. If turned past the quick turn thread (not easy to do by mistake) the cap may then be screwed completely off to gain access to the filter medium for cleaning if oil has splashed into it during movement.

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