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Universal cable entry system for maximum packing density

Universal cable entry system for maximum packing density

In recent years, cost pressures combined with the need to prevent miswiring have seen the rise of cable entry systems for panels and enclosures. These allow the feeding of non-assembled cables, lines and pneumatic hoses into the panel quickly and simply. Now, for applications where the installations might be carried out in confined spaces and/or high packing densities are required, CONTA-CLIP has taken the concept of the cable entry system to the next level, with the introduction of the KES series of gland plates.

Available in the UK from OEM Automatic, KES gland plates enable quick and safe introduction of cables and tubes without connectors into cabinets and machine housings. In contrast to the classic cable gland, the KES allows many cables, hoses and lines to be installed in a space-saving manner, even in cramped installation conditions, delivering professional cable entries with a very tight seal.

The glass fibre reinforced core covered with a multi-layered TPE layer are fitted on the outside of the cabinet or housing wall and fixed with screws onto 36mm x 112mm openings. The plates feature a low profile height of only 14mm. For a toolless installation, they can also be snapped-on. In this case, the screw holes remain completely sealed thanks to the layer of elastomer. To insert cables, the outer membrane of the gland plate is pierced with a pointed tool at a designated entry point. The piercing points are clearly marked so that cables and hoses can be entered very precisely. The wires are then simply pushed through. Aside from the punctured membrane, the conical entry grommets on the back of the plate provide an extra double sealing of the cables with IP66 ingress protection as well as reliable strain relief.

This new concept accommodates up to 32 cables per plate, achieving a much higher packing density than conventional screw-fitted cable entry solutions. The KES is designed to use the same panel cut outs as the 24 way industrial connectors, such as Walther and Harting. All variants are available in grey and black. The materials used comply with the UL 94 V-0 classification.

CONTA-CLIP is launching the new KES plates in 24 variants designed for different maximum numbers of lines and cable diameters. The elastic cable guides are suitable for cables or pneumatic lines with diameters ranging from 3.2mm to 20.5mm. The cable entry system’s advanced IP66 ingress protection enables use in harsh environments.

KES also features smooth surfaces, rounded corners and ECOLAB certified resistance to industrial cleaning products, and therefore provides all necessary hygienic properties for use in the food industry or in pharmaceutical production. The plates can be used in temperatures from –40°C to +95°C. Because the materials contain no halogen or silicon, the plates are suitable for use in a wide range of different applications.

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