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Wall and pole mounted cabinets

Wall and pole mounted cabinets As one reads through the latest industry news, there is no doubt that we are living in spectacular times. As the pace of technology steadily increases and new fields of endeavour open up to expanding markets, the demand for innovative concepts emerge almost daily, resulting in a vast range of stunning and cutting edge products being introduced to fill the void.

The impact that some of these new products have had in their particular markets has been tremendous; however, whilst some are simply updated eye candy, many are useful, a few are visionary and some may become revolutionary in the future.

The Fibox ARCA range of glass reinforced polycarbonate, wall /pole mounted cabinets tick the box for a diverse assortment of manufacturers in all of the above categories, and for those differing reasons, ARCA cabinets are now being specified by a number of Control Panel manufacturers and OEM companies who have identified the benefits of installing superior finished injection moulded products in areas where traditional sheet steel and GRP enclosures would deteriorate or corrode in time.

Early projects have included supplying ARCA cabinets for use in some incredibly diverse installations. For instance for the protection of switchgear equipment crucial to sustain functionality in the water and waste industry, telemetry housings used for the integration of systems for CCTV installations, robust protection for automatic gate controls and for housing very sensitive electronic equipment for controlling batch feeding in the agricultural industry. They have even taken to the field at the new Wembley stadium, where they have been specified to house the 'Advanced Pitchcare System' where an enclosure with a high degree of plasticity, yet still maintained its IP integrity was essential.

There's no doubt that ARCA glass reinforced polycarbonate enclosures offer specifiers a wide range of choices to meet their varying needs and circumstances; a further sign of such a diverse application was no better illustrated as when the ARCA was specified as the ideal product to house fire extinguishers on the decks of boats.

The Fibox ARCA range was developed in response to requests from the Control Panel industry, and many specialist OEM companies who were desperate for a range of robust, high IPK rated cabinets to house an ever increasing array of automation control systems and intelligent devices being manufactured which possessed all the features of sheet steel and GRP equivalents, but with the benefits of high quality injection moulded technology.

The Fibox ARCA range offers sizes from 300x200x150 up to 800x600x300, in landscape and portrait versions, with or without windows and removable gland plates. Plans to extend the range in line with feedback from the market are well underway.

As every installer of wall or pole mounted cabinets will know, availability of accessories is crucially important in the specification process. Fibox understands this and as a result the new ARCA range boasts a wide selection of easy to fit products to ensure that a control system can be completed quickly and without the troublesome need to manufacture bespoke components.

The days are long gone when plastic enclosures were seen as a less robust, poor relation to the established sheet steel ranges which dominated the market. Although sheet steel enclosures still have a very important part to play when installed in the right environment, Fibox has now, with the introduction of ARCA, given the market a proven and viable alternative range of cabinets, where critically important equipment needs to be installed in hostile and demanding environments and corrosion cannot be risked.

On developing a product that works better and looks better than existing ones, inventor, James Dyson was quoted as saying, "Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It's coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly." - We at Fibox believe he has a point, and that is why for the last 25 years, we too have preferred to let our products lead by example.

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