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Watlow’s controllers optimise performance and reduce complexity

Watlow’s controllers optimise performance and reduce complexity

Industrial temperature controller manufacturer Watlow has released its LEGACY SERIES panel-mount (PM) temperature controllers, which are designed to optimize performance using a simple control and menu functionality. The range includes the industry first 1/32 DIN controller, which incorporates Bluetooth technology to enable EZ-LINK, Watlow’s mobile application for setting up, monitoring and adjusting its temperature controllers.

The LEGACY controllers, which can be used in medical, clinical, analytical and food industry applications, simplify the complexity often associated with PM controllers. The controllers offer many benefits including proportional integral derivative (PID) auto-tune for fast and efficient startup, a touch-safe package for increased operator safety, SMOOTHTOUCH keypad to eliminate contamination points and create a better seal on the front panel, while a function key provides simple, one-touch operations of user defined, repetitive activities.

Standard bus communications are also available on LEGACY SERIES controllers, allowing easy product configuration via PC communications protocol and free software — saving time, simplifying programming, and improving reliability of controller setup.

All LEGACY SERIES controllers are compatible with Watlow’s EZ-LINK mobile app that connects via Bluetooth. This includes the sophisticated PM PLUS™ controller, designed to enhance user experience with an interface enabling easier set up, programming and readability, as well as the first 1/32 DIN controller.

“There was a need in the market for a simple controller for basic applications, so we developed the LEGACY SERIES to fulfill that void,” said Andy Borkowski, product manager at Watlow. “Earlier this year, we introduced the 1/16 DIN and now we can offer the 1/32 DIN, the first of this size in the industry to incorporate Bluetooth technology.

“We understand that our customers don’t always want or need the most powerful, high-end controller on the market. Some applications require basic control, and this product line is made for those situations. For example, in the design of the PM PLUS, we have reduced the complexity on the front of the controller and eliminated the dependency on cables and user manuals for configuring the product. This means the intuitive menu flow allows the controller to be easily configured.

“This is important because, historically, PM controllers are not easy to use. These upgrades help improve user experience by addressing the needs of our customers and simplifying the way the controllers are used,” said Borkowski.

“Watlow is proud to offer the LEGACY SERIES as a practical and economical option for basic applications in a variety of industries. The LEGACY SERIES can be ordered as PID process controllers or as dedicated over and under-temperature limit controllers.”


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