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WDS HydraClamps create a 360° workbench

WDS HydraClamps create a 360° workbench

The Spencer Franklin Hydraclamp range from WDS Components Ltd. has been developed to provide total stability and accessibility to engineers, electricians, mechanics and hobbyists alike. Objects ranging in weight from a few grams to 750kg can be quickly and securely held in any position making it easy for work to be carried out by a single person. The entire range is available exclusively from WDS and includes accessories such as foot pedals and booster packs to suit almost any application requirement.

Since their launch, Hydraclamps have become hugely popular in many industries and been used for applications as diverse as PCB building, engine refurbishment, wood carving and even prosthetic limb design. The reason for the popularity is the total flexibility the design offers in terms of positioning, movement and stability. It creates a 360° workbench thanks to a ball joint which rotates freely with a 90° axis of movement from horizontal to vertical.

There are 9 standard Hydraclamps in the range, each offering a different clamping action and load capacity. The range starts with the 1200M which is available with a 50mm faceplate or a small vice and uses a simple lever lock to actuate the clamping force. The 1310M is then slightly larger, supporting up to 13kg maximum load and a 500mm faceplate.

Larger operations, such precision machining of turbine blades in the aerospace industry require greater clamping force and greater precision in applying the force. The 1400M is hydraulically actuated using a screw handle to adjust the pressure. This is fitted with an adjustable safety sleeve which can be calibrated to deliver a degree of sustained pressure to prevent the load from suddenly dropping. For heavier loads, the 1500M offers extra clamping force and a foot operated pedal coupled to an 'air hydraulic' booster - keeping both hands free to position the work piece.

At the heaviest end of the spectrum, where components may weigh up to three quarters of a tonne, the range of movement available is slightly reduced for safety reasons. The 1600M still offers 360° rotation, but you can't adjust from horizontal to vertical. In this case the ball arm rotates between two roller bearings which allows for movement of the component without causing friction against the turret.

The Hydraclamp range is the perfect accessory to any workshop or garage whether you're part of a multinational organisation, own a small business or are simply a hobbyist. The clamps are extremely long lasting, often surviving upward of 20 years of everyday use before requiring a refurbishment.


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