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Why go for electronic locking?

Why go for electronic locking?

There are increasing numbers of situations where locking, protecting, monitoring and alarming of data cabinets is an essential requirement of the installation. This is true for many reasons - most obviously from the point of view of restricting access to valuable data, but also in terms of ensuring continued efficient functioning of servers, drives etc in that the efficient cooling of electronic cabinets now demands that the door be closed and effectively sealed at all times to prevent overheating of equipment.


Electronic locking systems such as Emka's ELM provide sophisticated levels of access control and environmental monitoring, as well as a check against complacency. For example, where previously a data centre would probably be in-house with direct responsibility subject to a single level of user security, now many users share a facility and require segregated security systems. Also co-location centres locate multiple customers in single cabinets. This new culture of shared and/or co-operative operation is common in telecomms, banks, financial institutions and the like, but is likely to become more common elsewhere as the benefits of internet trading are exploited in other industries.


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