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Wireless remote sensor systems

Wireless remote sensor systems Remote sensing allows the transfer of sensor signals and power across an air gap without the need for physical contact or hardwiring. It is a cable free wireless transmission system. No wiring is needed, even for the power, only an inductive coupling between a base unit (on the fixed machine body) and a transmission unit (mounted on the moving / revolving part). The sensors can be inductive, mechanical, photoelectric, thermocouple, or analogue - solenoid valves can be switched. Air gaps can be up to 15 mm and the number of I / O ranges from a single input to 16 way. The system provides a proven solution for applications where fixed wiring presents a problem. Applications include rotary tables, turrets, robotic gripper arms, and pallet assembly conveyor systems - anything in fact that moves or rotates and requires part present detection or solenoid valve operation.

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