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PPMA Show 2021

NEC, Birmingham(B40 1NT)

28/09/2021 - 30/09/2021

PPMA Show 2021 will be the UK’s largest ever event dedicated to state-of-the-art processing and (more)

Southern Manufacturing

Farnborough, Hants(GU14 6TQ)

06/10/2021 - 07/10/2021

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics is the most comprehensive annual industrial exhibition in the (more)

Advanced Engineering 2021

NEC Birmingham(B40 1NT)

03/11/2021 - 04/11/2021

Join us in our 12th and most important edition to date, as we invite engineers and management from all (more)

Francis and Francis Ltd

Francis and Francis is a family business. Established in 1950, we specialise in engineering specialities, supplying the UK and Ireland markets with high quality European and American power transmission and electrical components from the likes of Inkoma Group, Poggi, KBK Antriebstechnik and Capton. We support our customers with extensive local stock of all of these products.

Inkoma Group
From Inkoma come the unique PK offset shaft coupling and Lineflex flexible shaft coupling. These large, fixed (or variable), radially ‘free’ couplings accommodate shaft offsets of up to 320mm, in an extremely compact design. They are torsionally stiff and eliminate reaction loading on shaft support bearings.

Other products in the Inkoma range available from Francis and Francis include the Inkoturn, Inkoflex and KSO Oldham couplings, and the Inkocross (axially loadable) and Elaflex flexible coupling ranges. The product portfolio is completed by: polygon and splined shafting, spindles and racking with clamp rings and muff couplings; screw jacks; bevel gearboxes; spring actuated or DC powered-release brakes; and linear actuators.

Francis and Francis has been the main dealer in the UK for Poggi power transmission products since 1979. Products include spiral bevel gearboxes, steel and nylon sleeve gear couplings, ‘Lok-Fit’ rings. The range also includes chain, spider and friction clutches/safety couplings, pulleys, sprockets, bushes and motor slides.

Alongside the steel gear products, Poggi also offers AISI stainless steel spiral bevel gearboxes in an ergonomic design.

KBK Antriebstechnik
Francis and Francis is pleased to offer this range of high quality, competitively priced couplings. Key products in the range include KB metal bellows couplings for torques up to 5,000N, and KBE flexible spider servo couplings. The range also includes KBK overload protection safety couplings with caged steel ball detents. These precision, sprung de-clutch elements offer millisecond response, and transmit up to 1,600Nm.

Francis and Francis is able to offer extremely rapid supply of all of these KBK products.

Capton Division
Capton Division brings a range of electrical products to the Francis and Francis portfolio, including inductive and capacitive proximity switches, fluid and airflow switches, and hot material detectors.

Key products include Awek trip dogs and rails, Euchner multi-limit switches, and Elan machine guard solenoid interlock safety switches.

This 'crank' action coupling is for extreme parallel shaft offset. It is exceptionally compact in length and provides a torsionally stiff, efficient torque transmission, shaft connector. It absorbs radial vibrations, compensates for variable parallel shaft offsets, without introducing side loads and (more...)
The simple EFK 3-component, flexible elastomer 'spider' shaft connector is an externally-fitted/removed-Spider (wrap-round) coupling.It is suitable for universal applications for minor shaft misalignment compensation [Angular (up to 1°), radial (up to +/-0.15mm)]. Hub material is sintered, GG (more...)
This central "cruciform" element, simple 3-part coupling provides 'radially-free' slide actions (each at 90 degrees), transmits torque at high levels, backlash-free and at constant velocity. It absorbs all forms of misalignment (within strict limits) with low restoring forces.With some vibration (more...)
This 'pivoting' link-pairs (each at 90°) coupling (interchangeable with the SEMIFLEX), compensates for all forms of shaft misalignment. It is a torsionally-stiff, true constant velocity, precision shaft connector. It accommodates 'bedding down', assembly, manufacturing tolerance, wear and (more...)
In this 3 steel rings, 'patent applied for', coupling design, a number of spring wrapped drive pins, fitted with end-stop and support washers, protrude through equi-spaced/sized holes, on a large PCD, in the centre Disc - each, alternately facing the opposite direction. Thereby, half of these pins (more...)
In this coupling, two steel pins act as circular planular keys, locked into shallow grooves, cut at 90° to each other, on either side of the central steel disc. Each pin also slots radially into a deep circular-section, low friction, bushed groove, across the inner face of the two steel (more...)
The Inkoma P3G and P4C from Francis and Francis provide ranges of polygon, splined, profiled and trapezoidal shafts with flange or hub connectors. These are constructed in a variety of sizes and designs, making them readily suitable for transferring torque while also providing optimal sliding action (more...)
Inkoma KSH High Speed screw jacks from Francis and Francis provide efficient lift - up to 30m/min with ball screw drive or 13.5m/min with trapezoidal spindle.They feature Klingelnberg spiral bevel, case hardened, alloy steel, lapped pairs, roller bearing supported, ratio geared, GG 25 iron, (more...)
The Inkoma KG hollow shaft, bevel gearbox from Francis and Francis is capable of transmitting up to 31Nm, with compatible dimensions for mounting onto HSG screw jacks, in restricted space, using a separate male input shaft. Extra tapped holes help extend the range of applications. (more...)
The Inkoma KL from Francis and Francis provides a range of symmetrically compact, high torque (400Nm max.) Klingelnberg spiral bevel gearboxes. They are characterized by low noise, vibration-free, operation with minimal backlash patented adjustable gear clearance.The precision machined, cast iron (more...)
Derived from the 'Lineflex' design, the Inkoma IKT Inkoturn encoder couplings from Francis and Francis accommodate larger radial shaft-misalignments (also angular) are accommodated in the acetal resin central 'frog' flex-element, with its parallel Link-Arm pairs (each at 90°) pivoting one end on (more...)
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