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Linear chain takes the heat at BMW Mini
The capabilities of the Linear Chain Actuator from RA. Rodriguez have assisted Wokingham based Maypole Engineering in the design and manufacture of a turnkey conveyor and oven system for the main BMW Mini wiring loom. Its compact design and ability to operate without pneumatics helped ensure the (Read more)
Mayr says its Smartflex bellows couplings cover a torque range of 16 to 700Nm and offer users simple, reliable, flexible, (Read more)
New from ASM is the WB21 tape extension sensor which provides up to 20,000mm measuring length in a compact housing. Due to the (Read more)
Having been involved in engineering a number of offshore energy projects, Anthony George from the Heavy Duty Clutch and Brake (Read more)
Universal Robots has announced its third generation UR5 and UR10 lightweight robots, incorporating true absolute encoders, eight (Read more)
For operators, who generally can't see what is happening inside an industrial machine visually, instruments are a crucial tool (Read more)
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Accurate positioning and adjustment of equipment
This actuation system for positioning machinery and equipment is easy to assemble and install, with a plug-and-play design.Easymotion is a hydraulic linear actuation system offering synchronous (Read more)
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