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MIlan - Milano Congressi

28/09/2016 - 29/09/2016

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Stuttgart, Germany

10/10/2016 - 13/10/2016

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Safer, quieter and more efficient personnel de-dusting

Safer, quieter and more efficient personnel de-dusting
"Safety, noise reduction and reduced costs are all factors that led to the company installing the blower powered 'JetBlack' personnel de-dusting units from Air Control Industries", said Mick Wragg, Health & Safety Officer for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions of Rotherham.

At its Rotherham factory, Trelleborg manufactures its 'Orkot' tube and laminate bearings from polyester resin and fabric composites for the marine industry. Components are machined using conventional techniques such as grinding, milling and turning. These processes by their very nature produce swarf but, with the resin composite used by Trelleborg, they also generate dust.

Although most of this dust is eliminated from the working environment by efficient extraction systems, employees still get some on their clothes and themselves. The company noticed that some were using compressed airlines to remove dust and bits, even though they had been warned that it is a dangerous practice. This is because the high pressure air can penetrate the skin, potentially causing health problems that in extreme cases can be fatal.

Concerned, the company sought an alternative, safe means of de-dusting to eliminate this health hazard. The solution found by Mick Wragg was the JetBlack from Air Control Industries of Chard.

Initially, the company took a unit on a free trial basis. The JetBlack proved so effective the company purchased four units which are now installed in strategic locations in the production area where machine operators are using them to remove dust and fragments from their clothes and bodies - even their hair.

"In addition to providing a safer means for personnel de-dusting, which it does really well," said Mick, "the ACI Jetblack is more than 12dB quieter than compressed air." He also added that the unit is a lot cheaper to run compared with compressed air which costs around 50p/minute.

The ACI JetBlack is a wall mounted unit that delivers high volumes of air at low pressure (less than 3psi) which makes it safe to use on bare skin. It is powered by a 1400W blower. Filtered air is directed via a triggered hand-gun attached to a 1.5m flexible hose. A touch-timer switch helps avoid excessive power use.

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