Assembly and buffering section for gate valves
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Assembly and buffering section for gate valves

When a company required a pallet circulation system for the production of gate valves for water pipes, it turned to mk Profile Systems.

Assembly and buffering section for gate valves

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The solution needed to provide a system on which the valves could be assembled and buffered, then transport the valves to the company's dipping station where they are checked for leaks.

Three valves are processed on each pallet, making a total weight of up to 250 kg per pallet. The pallets have to be stopped at the assembly stations. The conveying path needed to be at an ergonomic working height and be secured in accordance with accident prevention regulations (UVV).

The transfer system provided by mk was constructed out of chain conveyors and accumulating roller chain conveyors. The profile series used was selected to suit the loads being processed.

The conveyors form a circuit on which the alignment of the pallets always remains the same, meaning that there was no need for rotating elements. The pallets are stopped for processing at the assembly stations. Here, the pallets are aligned longitudinally to the conveying direction, allowing workers to easily reach every workpiece. Pressing a button releases the pallet again.

On the buffering section, the pallets are transported transversely to the conveying direction. This allows a large number of pallets to be buffered one behind the other in a small space. At the transfer to the customer's dipping station, the pallets are stopped again and transported further as soon as the dipping station becomes free again. The controller and sensors were installed by the customer themselves.

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