7th axis robot in a welding application
An Igus 7th axis on a collaborative robot working alongside staff at German screening machine manufacturer Rhewum is helping to increase the workspace from 1300 to 5500mm.
Spirol UK achieves IATF 16949 certification
Spirol International Corporation, a global manufacturer of engineered fasteners, shims and installation equipment, has announced that a fifth manufacturing facility, Spirol Industries in the UK, has been certified to IATF 16949.
Plain bearings in the construction industry
The construction industry requires robust, durable and reliable products to be used within the machinery.
Is your DIN rail technology future proof?
CamdenBoss has breathed new life into an old-time customer favourite – the CMEB extendable DIN rail terminal enclosure. Designed and improved with the engineer in mind, new features that have been built into the enclosure.
Video shows Igus drylin linear robot system in action
Linear robots are ideal to use in applications where various orientations are required. The Igus drylin linear robots are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free.
Maintenance-free urban bike is made from recycled plastics
Introducing the world’s first bicycle made from recycled plastic: a maintenance-free urban bike that is lubrication-free.
Axis Harvesting and Igus automate mushroom harvesting
Automating production is becoming the focus of many companies and Axis Harvesting is no exception. From weighing to packaging the punnets, automation helps alongside humans to process over 90 tonnes of mushrooms per week.
Precise, reliable detection of marks and colour contrast
Sensing and instrumentation specialist Baumer’s new range of OC50 / OC60 contrast and luminescence sensors provide reliable and precise detection of minute and invisible print marks even at very fast speeds thanks to low jitter>7µs.
Igus highlights why e-skin flat is ideal for cleanrooms
The modular e-skin flat was developed by Igus especially for cleanrooms and for applications with limited space.
What happens when all products group align?
With Igus having so many product groups across the company, it is amazing to see how they can all work together in perfect harmony.
Hanover Displays automates PCBA testing with cobots
When UK-based Hanover Displays needed a new system for testing printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), it selected Omron TM cobots for the job, supplied and installed by Absolute Robotics, part of the Absolute Automation Group.
Energy chains key in the world’s second largest sea lock
Sea locks commonly use festoon systems, and with that can come issues with maintenance. This is why customers are changing from festoon systems to Igus energy chains.
Plain guides interchangeable with recirculating ball bearing guides
Being able to interchange between different suppliers can be priceless when looking for replacements. The drylin T range from Igus is an exact replacement for other linear guides, with the same dimensions and same hole positions; but the drylin T slides instead of rolls.
Understanding the thermal behaviour of DC motors
Maxon has produced two new videos in its series digging into the detail of its DC motor datasheets. The new videos focus on the thermodynamic properties of DC motors, including thermal operating ranges, limitations and criticality.
1500 Series wall and corner mounting enclosure
The versatile 1500 Series enclosure from CamdenBoss is suitable for wall and corner mounting due to its unique shape and purpose built 45 degree angle mounting bracket.
Cable retraction systems for multi-axis robots
Every robot is slightly different as is every application, so it is important that we have retraction systems that suit these differences.
Igus e-chains bring smooth motion to Mercedes simulator
Igus e-chains are used in a host of interesting applications, and in a new video the company shows them being used to move a Mercedes simulator in a smooth and uninterrupted way. Adding the smart plastics technology also helps eliminate unplanned downtime, saving the customer money.
Automated palletising in just three easy steps
Manual palletising is repetitive, boring and physically demanding but in lower throughput applications with frequent changes of box and pallet sizes, automating the process can seem daunting. This is precisely the situation easily addressed by the new Robotiq PE Series palletiser from RARUK Automation. With its strong emphasis on simple installation and configuration, it empowers workers to boost palletising efficiency and speed, enabling them to be deployed to higher value and more rewarding tasks. The ...
Maxon datasheets explained in part 2 of video series
Each Maxon product is accompanied by a datasheet. The sheets give comprehensive information about voltage, nominal speed, current, torque, dimensions, thermal data, ball bearings and much more. In part 2 of this video series, Gaz Satkunathas, technical engineer at Maxon, explains why the datasheets are important and how to use the data for motor selection.
Moving energy made easy, even over long travels
Moving cable applications with different orientations can cause designers issues. How can you get moving power vertically/horizontally/rotationally? With the range of energy chain variations available with Igus, there is a solution for your application. In this video you can see the different vertical options for long horizontal travels. Options ensuring power sources can reach their intended position without problems and loss of power.

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