Panel building
Leading edge repair and protection solution for wind turbines
Optimised to be easy-to-apply, fast-curing and hard-wearing, the combination of Belzona 5711 and Belzona 5721 is specially designed to fortify wind turbine blades with outstanding protection against leading edge erosion for the long term.
EtherCAT delivers performance for machine builders
As the popularity of EtherCAT rises, Carlo Gavazzi has launched an additional IIoT device to its range of NRG solid state relays.
Igus components making your ride more comfortable
When you think of car seat, you probably don’t think of the components designed and used within the mechanism of that seat. Why would you?
EAO introduces overmoulded option for Series 82 switches
EAO has extended the robust and attractive Series 82 with an overmoulded option and M12 connector. The new version is available for selected illuminated pushbuttons within the Series 82 and offers fast mounting as well as complete front and rear IP67 protection. It is common to expose actuators and indicators to extremely harsh operating conditions. For example, in the food and beverage industry, where alkaline cleaning agents and corrosion severely affect HMIs. In addition, external factors in the form ...
Pick and place applications with low-cost robotics
Robotic pick and place applications are becoming increasingly popular within companies wanting to automate processes. These could be anything from simple movements to complex actions, but fundamentally they all need the same thing: to be smooth running. In this new video you can see how Igus products ranging from energy chains to linear gantries all work in harmony linked with the iRC, Igus Robot control. With an overhead camera mounted, this allows the software to accurately control the machines movemen...
Split cable entry system with ATEX certification
Cable management specialist M Buttkereit is now able to offer ATEX certification with many of its cable entry systems including its split cable entry frames and glands. ATEX certification is available for the DES split cable frame, the DES-Pred split cable gland and most DES-PDM multi cable entry plates. The split systems allow for the easy transit of cables into cabinets and enclosures and the subsequent sealing of the cables without the need for re-wiring or cutting the cable. The DES cable entry syste...
Emka outdoor lock management intelligent control
Fast internet and interference-free telephony is the purpose of many outdoor control cabinets or telecommunications enclosures. Their outdoor installation at the roadside sometimes makes them a target for vandals and hackers. In order to protect the sensitive electronics and only allow access to authorised persons, Emka has developed an outdoor lock solution: the low power outdoor handle forms an intelligent system with a wireless cabinet that transmits data to a central management unit with real-time mo...
Flexible enclosure lights with low-level power dissipation
The luminous intensity of the new, efficient 400 class enclosure lights from Phoenix Contact has been improved, and they now provide 700 lm with a power dissipation of just 6 W. Their wide-range input allows flexible, global use since they can be connected to voltages from 24 to 265 V AC and DC, and particularly quickly due to the push-in connection technology. With their compact dimensions, including a diameter of just 30 mm, a length of just 350 mm, and the adjustable lighting angle, these lights can b...
Inline 3D profile measurement systems for metal processing
Micro-Epsilon has introduced a range of inline 3D profile measurement systems for the geometrical inspection of long products in metal processing. Depending on the application and profile shape, the measurement systems can be equipped with either ThruBeam sensors, red laser profile scanners or blue laser profile scanners from Micro-Epsilon, to provide the optimal solution for the application. Long strip products such as profiles, billets and tubes, which are produced by rolling, drawing or forging, often...
Weidmüller showcases new SNAP IN technology at Drives & Controls
On Stand H120 at Drives & Controls 2022, Weidmüller will be showcasing its new SNAP IN technology – the AS-Series – along with the intuitive yet powerful Weidmüller Configurator Software (WMC) and the Weidmüller Wire Processing Centre (WPC), which it says dramatically reduces wiring time for control panels. Other key themes on the stand are Industrial Ethernet and automation which Weidmüller is supporting with its eco-line and u-mation portfolio and OMNIMATE 4.0 SNAP IN modules – a system for building co...
Compact modular distribution blocks with lateral push-in connection
The new PTVFIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact are a combination of the PTFIX distribution block system and the PTV series with vertical conductor connection. The lateral push-in connection features great advantages, in particular where space is limited. The small size and the modular compatibility of the distribution block system is also an advantage. The right mounting option is available for all applications. The range of versions include base blocks without a pre-assembled mounting option, a...
FDB bullet style lift-off hinges for cabinets and panels
Bullet style – or otherwise ‘corner’ or ‘torpedo’ hinges – from the FDB Online store, are so-called because of their shape and ability to fit right up to the corner of a panel, so providing an industrial-style aesthetic that allows a large door with a narrow frame for space-saving and easy lift-off door removal. Larger format bullet hinges – once common on fridge doors (and so sometimes referred to as ‘fridge hinges’ – are often selected for their traditional flange fixing style and characteristic shape...
Control your energy costs with the EM530 and EM540 energy analysers
Carlo Gavazzi has extended its product offering by launching the EM530 and EM540 energy analysers, helping companies to reduce their energy consumption – this doesn’t just make good business sense; it’s good for the environment too. The old adage that you cannot manage what you don’t measure is certainly true when it comes to electricity consumption. The simple function of installing metering on all of the primary energy-consuming plant in a factory or manufacturing facility will provide managers with us...
Redundant PLCnext Control devices for maximum availability
With its redundancy function, the high-performance RFC 4072R PLCnext Control device from Phoenix Contact is said to be ideal for use in high-availability applications. This PLC is a part of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, currently the most open automation platform on the market. Modern applications, in particular in the infrastructure industry, place the highest demands on the availability on control applications and therefore require control redundancy. Here, the RFC 4072R supports Profinet S2 redund...
High reliability power for offshore wind turbine research project
Puls Power is supporting a university project which is aimed at detecting damage to the grout connections in offshore wind turbines. Grouted connections in offshore wind turbines are formed by attaching overlapping steel piles with an ultra-high strength cementitious grout. The structural performance of grouted connections is critical for the substructures to exhibit sufficient resistance to environmental loads. With the continued growth of green energy, it is increasingly important to ensure robust and ...
Quarter turn latches specified for electric vehicle charging stations
Eldon has introduced an all-new range of charging stations for electric vehicles. They use a sheet-metal enclosure that is oxylane-treated with a C5-class varnish as a corrosion inhibitor, and the cabinets have been designed for impact resistance to IK10 with ingress protection to IP54. Reliable locking combined with ease of access to the inside of the cabinets was high on the ‘must haves’ list for Eldon engineers when designing the new range. As a result, standard cylinder locks from Swedish manufacture...
Eplan links networks of CAE users and service providers
Solutions provider Eplan is presenting a new service in the form of the Eplan Marketplace – an international platform that networks users of CAE software and service providers. Examples include in engineering, control cabinet manufacturing, panel building and consulting. Quick access to service providers in these Eplan environments ensures trouble-free working on a project, even in the event of resource issues. The new Eplan Marketplace is now live, providing companies around the world with fast access t...
Phoenix Contact provides Ethernet switches for harsh environments
The FL Switch 1000NT series from Phoenix Contact has been further expanded to introduce wide temperature models with advanced approvals for process and maritime markets. These switches offer a robust, metal housing, with great port density, and a best-in-class automation protocol traffic prioritization. The seven models allow for applications in a variety of industries such as oil and gas and shipbuilding. Select models also feature SFP ports, providing greater flexibility for customers dependent upon th...
Biometric locking from Emka for server racks and electronic cabinets
Emka continues evolve the cabinet security industry with its biometric ‘at the door’ system for data centre racking and other sensitive data applications across the financial and public service environments, as well as for vulnerable industrial situations. Andy Billingham, MD at Emka UK, pointed out: “Biometric locking is recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for physical data security, with one, two, three and four factor authentication. Emka biometric locking features ‘at the door’ identification which mee...
FDB hinges with removable pins for specialist panels
FDB Panel Fittings has addressed the needs of panel builders and installers with a range of removable pin hinges – now available ex-stock for urgent delivery from its Online Shop. Easily removable hinge pins facilitate better access during manufacture and installation by allowing doors to be removed from enclosures and cabinets then simply refitted when each process has been completed. Hinges with removable pins are offered in stainless steel for extra robust usage or corrosion resistance. Various types ...

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