Atlas Copco brings variable speed drive technology to small workshop compressors
Posted to News on 16th Apr 2024, 16:00

Atlas Copco brings variable speed drive technology to small workshop compressors

Atlas Copco is bringing its variable speed drive (VSD) technology to its smallest oil-injected screw compressor range. The G 2-7 VSD offers stable pressure, low noise, reduced component wear, and significant energy savings, and is said the be the smallest VSD compressor on the market.

Atlas Copco brings variable speed drive technology to small workshop compressors

Pioneered by Atlas Copco, VSD compressors dynamically adjust their motor speed to align with fluctuations in users' air demand. This flexibility stands in contrast with the traditional fixed-speed compressor, which consistently operates at 100% even when not required by the user.

Available in most industrial compressor sizes, VSD models outperform their fixed-speed counterparts across performance, reliability, and efficiency, and with the introduction of the 2-7 kW G VSD models, these benefits are now available to customers with a limited compressed air need, such as garages and workshops.

The G 2-7 VSD offers a greater compressed air output and a more stable pressure compared to fixed-speed alternatives. In addition, Atlas Copco's patented screw element guarantees a 100% duty cycle, eliminating the need for cool-down periods and work interruptions.

The G 2-7 VSD's gradual start-up ensures lower starting currents and minimises strain on bearings and belts, leading to extended lifespans and reduced maintenance requirements for these key components. Additionally, all G2-7 compressors feature easily accessible panels for straightforward access to components when service is required.

Due to the reduced speeds of the element and the motor-mounted fan, the G 2-7 VSD only generates noise levels equivalent to those of typical household appliances. Their compact size further enables installation near the point of use, offering significant advantages for smaller operations that have limited space available.

Energy savings

Fixed-speed models operate at maximum energy use, irrespective of whether operators require maximum capacity. VSD technology eliminates this energy wastage by matching the motor speed to the air demand. For the G 5 and 7 VSD models, this can lead to reduced energy consumption and cost reductions of more than 20%.

Users have the flexibility to customise their G 2-7 VSD to suit their specific needs with a variety of options. For those seeking dry, clean air, the Full Feature model is equipped with a fully integrated dryer. Alternatively, a tank-mounted version provides air storage.

Superior connectivity

The G 2-7 VSD features the state-of-the-art Elektronikon Nano controller, which securely allows over-the-air updates, ensuring that customers stay up-to-date on innovative features, new energy efficiency algorithms and other improvements.

With a smartphone or a tablet, users can start and stop their compressor operations while also monitoring critical parameters such as pressure, temperature, running hours and operation mode from any location. Additionally, the Nano controller offers advanced control algorithms and a leakage protection program.

A workshop compressor must provide users with ease of use, minimal noise output, versatility, and reliability. That is why we are confident that our customers will truly embrace the new G 2-7 VSD range, says Ben John, business line manager Industrial Air. It outperforms traditional fixed-speed compressors and delivers superior performance and exceptional value over many years.

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