Atlas Copco expands GA VSDS screw compressor range with 5-18 kW sizes
Posted to News on 31st Mar 2023, 14:54

Atlas Copco expands GA VSDS screw compressor range with 5-18 kW sizes

Atlas Copco expands GA VSDS screw compressor range with 5-18 kW sizes

Atlas Copco has announced the expansion of its GA VSDS oil-injected screw compressor offering. With the addition of 5-18 KW models, this energy-efficient, sustainable, and flexible compressor range is getting bigger by going smaller.

Atlas Copco’s next-generation VSD technology is now available in 5-37 kW sizes, offering smart operation and energy savings of 60% throughout.

When Atlas Copco launched the first GA 22-37 VSDS compressors last year, six principles applied: savings, sustainability, smart performance, superior connectivity, small footprint and silent operation. The new 5-18 kW models offer the same S-driven benefits.

Savings: The GA VSDS delivers energy savings of up to 60% compared to a fixed-speed compressor. An optional, dedicated energy recovery system can ensure additional energy savings with up to 80% heat recovery.

Sustainability: Its double-digit energy use reduction makes the GA VSDS the most sustainable compressor available on the market today, according to Atlas Copco. In addition, it features an IE5 ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance motor that does not rely on rare earth materials.

Smart performance: The GA VSDS is a truly smart and adaptable compressor. Every customer gets performance and efficiency optimised for their application, needs, and conditions. The most important intelligent feature is the Smart Temperature Control (STC) system, which ensures full injection temperature control to eliminate the risk of condensation and maximise compression efficiency.

The exclusive Boost Flow Mode allows operators to temporarily and safely exceed their compressor’s maximum capacity. The Limp mode ensures the compressor keeps working even when there is an issue.

Superior connectivity: The GA VSDS is the ultimate connected compressor. It comes as standard with the state-of-the-art Elektronikon Touch operating system, EQ2i multiple compressor control, SMARTLINK remote monitoring and analysis, and OPC UA connectivity.

Small and silent: Thanks to its very low sound levels, the GA 5-18 VSDS can be installed right on the production floor. There, the compressor takes up very little space thanks to its compact, vertical build. The smallest units (5-11 kW) can be delivered with a side-mounted vessel for air storage with a minimal footprint.

“The VSDS is not just a new generation of VSD, it is the VSD for a new generation. Today’s customers want it all, and the GA VSDS delivers it all: sustainability, savings, smart and silent performance, superior connectivity, and a small footprint,” says Ben John, business line manager for industrial air at Atlas Copco Compressors UK. “With the addition of the 5-18 kW models, we can extend these benefits to customers who need a smaller compressor for their workshop or factory.”

VSDS will be implemented throughout the 5 to 110 kW Atlas Copco GA VSD oil-injected screw compressor range.

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