Atlas Copco introduces completely new design to booster series
Posted to News on 4th Aug 2023, 09:41

Atlas Copco introduces completely new design to booster series

Atlas Copco introduces completely new design to booster series

Continuing to build on success since the introduction of its first piston compressor back in 1904, Atlas Copco has now produced newly designed, medium-pressure booster models, the LB Series, capable of delivering up to 40 bar (580 psi).

With advanced technologies and a new compressor block design, the LB series broadens the company’s piston compressor range to offer customers even more flexibility together with enhanced levels of performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Atlas Copco’s booster compressors are the premium air and nitrogen solution, delivering tailored performance and proven durability. Owners and operators benefit from optimum performance from a working installation offering greatly enhanced efficiency. The belt-driven booster series offers reliability and flexibility in a wide range of applications, including PET bottling, testing, and nitrogen applications such as laser cutting. Thanks to the wide power range and pressure levels, flows up to 500 m³/h can be achieved, guaranteeing the ideal solution for every application requiring higher pressure.

Expanding the portfolio

With the reintroduction of the LB Series for up to 40 bar pressures, Atlas Copco reaffirms its commitment to offering customers an even broader choice of compressors to meet their exact specifications. The newly designed models are a complete single-stage, lubricated air/nitrogen booster with a maximum pressure of up to 40 bar (580 psi).

Ben John, business line manager for industrial air, explains the thinking behind the new booster: “The best way to add value for each customer is to provide equipment that matches their specific requirements for high-quality output and low ownership costs. This new booster is equipped with the technologies and features required to meet those needs while at the same time offering high-pressure for a wide range of applications and environments.”

As well as its energy-saving IE3 motor, Atlas Copco has incorporated a new, in-house designed medium-pressure compressor block with optimised cylinder dimensions to ensure that the LB series offers efficiency and reliability. Together with a high-performance reed valve and robust bearings, the new booster design features an innovative oil lubrication and cooling system. Advanced piston technology eliminates oil carryover and includes inlet and outlet safety valve protection. All features optimise robustness and durability to help reduce running costs and provide users with greater peace of mind.

Reduced noise and vibration

The LB booster series is designed to limit noise levels and vibrations, providing owners with even more installation freedom. The LB is silent from the core thanks to optimal balancing and the use of special pulsation dampers. Pulsation is also absorbed by the inlet and outlet collector, making this booster ideal for low-vibration operations.

The LB also supports operators with plug-and-play connection together with clear, user-friendly monitoring. The Elektronikon Touch pre-programmed controller optimises performance. Pressure, temperature, and oil level are automatically monitored, as are pressure band settings. The LB supports multiple unit connection and features a SmartLink connection for remote follow-up.

Ben commented: “Atlas Copco’s LB boosters are seen to be the ultimate solution for users needing top quality air and nitrogen with pressures from 15 to 40 bar or even higher pressure. The LB series enhances production and supports their profitability with class-leading performance, reliability, and flexibility.”

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