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Memory does tend to play tricks on you, but I would swear that 30-odd years ago when I was a young lad, summers used to be at their peak through July and August, and you were guaranteed snow from Christmas through to February. Today, summer doesn't seem to get going until September, and you're more (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 10th December 2007
Machinery Safety has become something of a bugbear in this country. We've discovered that, as an industrial community, we're actually not terribly good at implementing functional safety to our competitive advantage, and it's become quite fashionable to have a pop at the European bureaucrats who are (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 1st November 2007
Just suppose that it was possible to travel in time. Well, of course, thanks to Einstein, we know that we can travel forwards in time. His theory of relativity predicted that the faster something moves, the more time slows down. So if you got into a rocket and powered away from the Earth, time would (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 14th October 2007
Back in my school days in Tonbridge, I was quite an active cyclist. Indeed, that was my primary means of getting to and from school. And whenever I was out with friends at the weekend, we'd invariably cycle wherever it was we were going. This had nothing to do with environmental concerns - what (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 1st October 2007
How many Manchester United fans does it take to change a light bulb? The answer, of course, is three: one to change the bulb, one to buy the 'we changed the light bulb' tee-shirt, and one to drive the other two back to London afterwards. Now, if you happen to be a Manchester United supporter, then I (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 1st September 2007
Might the future really be written in the stars? As a scorpio, I'm naturally sceptical about astrology, but let's take a look at the past and the present and see if we can draw any clues as to the relevance of the stars for the future. The Minoan civilisation was probably at its peak between around (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 10th August 2007
As I write, the world has just celebrated the 40th anniversary of the release by the Beatles of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Many argue that this is the best album the Beatles ever made; I'm not sure I'd agree, but it was certainly one of the most influential, and an important (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 14th July 2007
Have you ever been woken from a dream by your alarm clock, in such a way that the sound of the alarm has been incorporated into the dream? And although the dream has been long and complex, the arrival of the alarm has seemed to make sense in the overall continuity, albeit often with a slightly (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 1st July 2007
Another year, another Eurovision Song Contest. It doesn't get any better does it? You would think that increasing the scope of the contest would highlight the richness of culture that comes with diversity, when instead what we actually saw was each country's ropy interpretation of what it thought (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 14th June 2007
If there is one thing as consumers that annoys us more than products which fail to live up to our expectations, then it is products which fail to live up to the claims of the manufacturer. And the irritation is the same regardless of the value of the product. For example, I have, over the years, (more...)
Published: - 1st June 2007
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