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I've just booked a Christmas ride for the kids aboard the Santa Special at our local steam railway. It's become something of a December tradition, even though the oldest daughter is fully up to speed with the realities of seasonal giving. It's not easy to comfort a twelve year old who's crying her (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 27th November 2013
To my surprise, I've become a bit of a fan of the US Sherlock Holmes drama 'Elementary'. It took a little while to get used to the idea of it being set in modern day New York rather than old London Town, and that sidekick John Watson was now Joan Watson, but with its intelligent storylines, sharp (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 12th October 2013
Work to exploit tidal and wave power as part of the renewable energy mix is gathering momentum, with the UK rapidly becoming a knowledge hub. Partly that is because we have the best natural resources - it is estimated that the UK_has around 50% of Europe's tidal energy resource, and our wave (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 10th September 2013
First came the news that last year's performance was better than first estimated. Then we heard that the economy grew by 0.3% in the first quarter of this year. And finally came the news we'd all been hoping for - second quarter growth as well. Still only a modest 0.6%, but that's the first time (more...)
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Published: - 4th July 2013
As a Spurs supporter, I'm finding things increasingly tense as the summer goes on. (I use the term 'summer' in the loosest possible sense, referring merely to the time of year rather than to any noticeable pick up in the weather.) No new Tottenham signings yet, and mounting speculation over the (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 4th June 2013
There was a time when the one thing a girl wanted to hear more than anything from her beau was those six little words: "I've made you a mix tape." That's when you knew he really cared, that it meant something and maybe it was going somewhere. I wonder if today's teenage girls, in the flush of first (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 14th May 2013
When you live with three females - in my case, the redoubtable Mrs Simms and two effervescent daughters - then finding a little bit of space in the house that's your own can become increasingly difficult. Happily, the loft is my domain: youngest daughter can't get up the ladder, wife doesn't like (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 3rd April 2013
UK industry is beginning to make moves towards becoming a high technology hub and a global centre of excellence for high quality, high value products. There are undoubtedly challenges - the ongoing economic difficulties and pressures from low wage economies - but there is every reason for optimism. (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 8th March 2013
What do Daleks, the Porsche 911 and the iPod have in common? Well, let's consider the Dalek first. Conceived by science fiction writer Terry Nation and designed by Raymond Cusick, the Daleks first appeared in Doctor Who in 1963, and have continued to battle with the Doctor for the last 50 years. The (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 4th February 2013
Icelandic volcanoes have caused no end of problems over the last couple of years. Remember all those flights that were grounded because of the spreading ash cloud? How many holidays did that put pay to in the end? And what was the cost to business in the end? So who would have thought, then, that (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 16th January 2013
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