BRAND CONTROL ROOMS relies on KABELSCHLEPP Metool for cable management
Posted to News on 14th May 2024, 10:30

BRAND CONTROL ROOMS relies on KABELSCHLEPP Metool for cable management

BRAND CONTROL ROOMS, a leading supplier of equipment for security services and process monitoring relies on cable carrier systems from KABELSCHLEPP Metool in the development of high-quality workspace systems.

BRAND CONTROL ROOMS relies on KABELSCHLEPP Metool for cable management

BRAND CONTROL ROOMS is known for its customised workplace systems, for example in alarm response rooms, control rooms, trading rooms and control centres. The company offers turnkey solutions for all industries that make intensive use of control and monitoring technologies. The references range from projects for police and fire service control rooms to the monitoring of complex industrial processes.

When developing its systems, BRAND CONTROL ROOMS places a special focus on health and safety, ergonomics and durability. Control rooms and control centres are designed for a service life of at least 10 to 15 years with intensive 24/7 use. The requirements for third-party components are therefore accordingly high. A challenge that KABELSCHLEPP Metool was ready to accept.

"We are pleased to be working with BRAND CONTROL ROOMS," comments Werner Eul, Head of Industry and Product Management at TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP. "The company's expertise in developing high-quality, customised workplace systems for complex applications is the perfect complement for our innovative cable carriers for interior fittings and office furniture."

Cable management for up to 14 screens

The monitors, which play a crucial role in process control and monitoring, are a key element of the workplace systems from BRAND CONTROL ROOMS. In addition to individual 24-inch up to 55-inch monitors, the systems offer space for up to two rows with seven screens each. The split level design of the desk allows the monitors to be electrically adjusted to seated and standing height independently of the table top. Desks with a straight table top also offer the option for electrical depth adjustment of the monitors.

BRAND CONTROL ROOMS uses KABELSCHLEPP Metool cable carrier systems to supply its workplace systems with power and data continuously and reliably. The plastic cable carriers from the next generation of EasyTrax are particularly suitable for this complex application thanks to their compact design.

"The particularly compact ET1455 cable carrier used here has been nicknamed the 'speedy lamella' because of its flexible lamellas that allow cables and hoses to simply be pressed in," explains Werner Eul.

In addition to EasyTrax, KABELSCHLEPP Metool also offers the PROTUM Office series for the furniture industry - either as standardized sets for OEM production or as individual configurations for special projects. With its modular design, the series can be flexibly adapted to a variety of different situations and offers numerous individual configuration options.

The linkless cable carriers are easy to install and operate with little noise. The elegant design integrates well with (office) furniture to produce an attractive overall look, while the 'clip' side part makes it easy to integrate plug sockets, adapters, power supply units, and other components into the system.


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