Cable carriers support a clean desk policy
Posted to News on 17th Jan 2024, 14:30

Cable carriers support a clean desk policy

The PROTUM Office cable management system from KABELSCHLEPP Metool supports the objective of creating a clear and tidy work environment. The modular system flexibly adapts to all requirements while remaining unobtrusive in the background.

Cable carriers support a clean desk policy

Contemporary office solutions provide employees and teams with the best possible support for their work processes without being overly conspicuous. When Tsubakimoto Europe redesigned the office space at its headquarters in Dordrecht in the Netherlands, the company opted for a modern, ergonomic solution that perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics.

Creativity and motivation are most likely to be found in an environment where employees feel comfortable. Performance and productivity, however, are associated with a multitude of electronic devices today. Countless cables need to be organised, protected, and tucked away so as to minimise their impact on the office environment. With the renovation of 1,000 m2 of office space at its headquarters in Dordrecht, Tsubakimoto Europe achieved the perfect combination of functionality, ergonomics, and style.

One aspect of the office renovation was to implement the clean desk policy of Tsubakimoto, which also includes electronic devices and their cables. This is where the PROTUM Office cable management system from KABELSCHLEPP Metool came into play. The cable carriers can hide away all types of power and data cables safely and systematically. Moreover, the flexible system accommodates the possible movements of the adjustable desks and its simple, elegant design perfectly integrates with the overall solution.

High-quality design, easy assembly

Cable carriers from the PROTUM Office P0400GS01 series are used in Dordrecht. Their advantage is that they can be connected to existing components with integrated magnets, without any need for screws. This allows users to reduce the assembly time and save money, explains Werner Eul, senior product manager for cable carrier systems at TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP. Even large numbers of data and power cables can be integrated into office furniture in a way that is clearly structured and aesthetically appealing.

The PROTUM Office P0400GS is available in single- and multi-chamber versions. The special design makes the system perfect for use on the height-adjustable desks at the Dordrecht office, explains Werner Eul. This cable carrier can accommodate up to eight cables of common diameters and can be combined with any components from the PROTUM Office modular system.

As standard, the cable carriers are offered as pre-assembled kits including fasteners. Alternatively, users can put together their own kits from the individual components to create customised solutions, which are also supplied ready to install.

We are very pleased with the design and quality of PROTUM Office, says Willy Oosterling, customer service manager at Tsubakimoto Europe. We also had very good feedback on the cable carriers from our office designer. She would like to use the system in other projects in future.


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