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Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

Farnborough, Hants(GU14 6XL)

11/02/2020 - 13/02/2020

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics is the most comprehensive annual industrial exhibition in the (more)

Industry 4.0 Summit

Manchester Central Convention Complex(M2 3GX)

31/03/2020 - 01/04/2020

The UK’s leading conference gathering of senior level executives from the UK manufacturing industry (more)

UKIVA Machine Vision Conference 2020

Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes(MK1 1ST)


Vision solutions have been applied in almost any industry you can think of. Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, (more)

PPMA Show 2020

NEC, Birmingham(B40 1NT)

29/09/2020 - 01/10/2020

PPMA Show 2020 is the UK’s largest ever event dedicated to state-of-the-art processing and packaging (more)

Advanced Engineering 2020

NEC, Birmingham(B40 1NT)

04/11/2020 - 05/11/2020

The UK's largest annual advanced manufacturing trade show, Advanced Engineering is your opportunity to (more)

Kistler Instruments

Kistler is the global leader in dynamic measurement technology for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Cutting-edge technologies provide the basis for Kistler's modular solutions.

Customers in industry and science benefit from Kistler's experience as a development partner, enabling them to optimize their products and processes so as to secure a sustainable competitive edge. The owner-managed Swiss company's unique sensor technology plays a key role in the evolution of automobile development and industrial automation, as well as in numerous emerging sectors. With a broad knowledge of applications and an absolute commitment to quality, Kistler is making an important contribution to the further development of current megatrends. This includes topics such as electrified drive technology, automated and connected driving, emission reduction and Industry 4.0.

Some 2,200 employees at more than 60 locations worldwide are dedicated to developing new solutions and offer customized service for individual applications. Since its founding in 1959, the Kistler Group has grown along with its customers, generating sales of £375 million in 2018. Approximately 8% of this went back into research and technology — and thus into achieving better results for all our customers.

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  • Machine Building
  • Linear acctuators
  • Sensors and systems
  • Sensors
  • Instrumentation
  • Test equipment

News from Kistler Instruments

Kistler’s NCFE module delivers cost effective simple joining processesKistler’s NCFE module delivers cost effective simple joining processes

The new Kistler NCFE servopress solution is specifically designed for simple joining processes to deliver a cost-effective alternative to conventional pneumatic or hydraulic systems. Compared to hydraulic or pneumatic units, the NCFE module offers impressively low energy consumption, simple handling (more...)

University of Bath and Kistler cooperate in complex powertrain analysisUniversity of Bath and Kistler cooperate in complex powertrain analysis

The automotive industry is moving fast into an era where electric power is used as the primary power source with hydrocarbon fuels in a supporting role. The use of the “Plug-in Hybrid” concept presents challenges to powertrain designers that demand new technologies to define the (more...)

Transparency and quality in productionTransparency and quality in production

A leading German manufacturer of electrical appliances has improved quality in its production of plastic parts, by monitor cavity pressure with sensors during injection molding. To meet the growing demand for shavers and epilators, a new production hall was recently completed at a German (more...)

Quality assured in medical parts productionQuality assured in medical parts production

Medical parts supplier Sartorius is reaping the benefits of high-precision quality monitoring of plastic parts for pipette systems, with accurate forecasts of part quality while the injection molding process is still live. Products in the medical technology sector have to meet extremely high (more...)

Piezoelectric sensors key to goal of zero defect productionPiezoelectric sensors key to goal of zero defect production

Global competition is ratcheting up the requirements for quality and precision in manufacturing. For many production enterprises, an efficient and cost-effective solution is the integrated monitoring of dynamic processes, and piezoelectric sensors have a key role to play, as Matthias Giese of (more...)

Accelerometer combines low noise with wide rangeAccelerometer combines low noise with wide range

If you need a triaxial accelerometer that combines wide frequency range from, DC to 2kHz with exceptionally low noise, the choice has been very limited until now. The new Type 8396A triax from Kistler has those characteristics plus excellent linearity and an integral signal amplifier for an analog (more...)

Kistler Group acquires Vester ElektronikKistler Group acquires Vester Elektronik

Kistler Group took over near Karlsruhe-based Vester Elektronik GmbH on 25 August. This acquisition – Kistler’s third one this year – adds a company that has successfully specialised in sensor technology and test automation to the group. Since its founding 50 years ago, the (more...)

Kistler Group acquires IOS GmbHKistler Group acquires IOS GmbH

Kistler Group is taking over Aachen-based IOS GmbH, provider of MES software and hardware systems, with immediate effect. In doing so, Kistler can now offer the manufacturing industry a modular production monitoring system that covers the entire value chain, from sensors to production planning and (more...)

The forces and moments of rotating wheelsThe forces and moments of rotating wheels

The automotive industry uses computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) widely to reduce design and development time and costs whilst improving quality and durability of the end product. Almost every aspect of a new design, from manufacturing processes to dynamic performance, (more...)

Kistler Group acquires Schatz, bringing access to screw technologyKistler Group acquires Schatz, bringing access to screw technology

The Kistler Group has acquired Schatz AG in Remscheid, Germany. This acquisition gives the Kistler Group new potential applications in quality assurance in industrial manufacturing. The Schatz Group can now market its systems through Kistler’s global sales network, giving it access to (more...)

Modular absolute pressure sensor from Kistler for highly dynamic applicationsModular absolute pressure sensor from Kistler for highly dynamic applications

Designed specifically to meet the demands of highly dynamic applications, the new absolute pressure sensors from Kistler Instruments cover pressure ranges from 0-5 bar to 0-500 bar. The seven sensors all offer automatic sensor identification, wide dynamic range and digital temperature compensation. (more...)

Kistler launch the next generation of cylinder pressure sensorsKistler launch the next generation of cylinder pressure sensors

Kistler Instruments is launching the next generation of uncooled cylinder pressure sensors. The Type 6124A has a measuring range of 0 to 300 bar and is equally suited to laboratory and on-road applications in challenging environments. The key to the performance of the new sensor is the high (more...)

Torque sensor has built-in magnetostrictive speed sensorTorque sensor has built-in magnetostrictive speed sensor

The new Type 4503B dual range torque sensor from Kistler Instruments has a wide measurement range of 0.2 to 5,000Nm, high resolution rotational speed/angle measurement and high speed ranges of up to 50,000rpm. For highly dynamic measurements the cut-off frequency of 10kHz may be user customised by (more...)

Electromechanical joining moduleElectromechanical joining module

Kistler is unveiling a new addition to its portfolio of electromechanical joining modules. The NCFE joining module is specifically designed for simple joining processes, so plant manufacturers and power pack operators now have a cost-effective alternative to conventional pneumatic or hydraulic (more...)

Piezelectric measuring technology explainedPiezelectric measuring technology explained

Piezoelectric sensors now number among the key technologies that determine business success for industrial manufacturers. The experts at Kistler explain how this technology functions and the benefits. Measurement technology based on the piezoelectric principle delivers a remar-kable increase in (more...)

Miniature indirect force sensorMiniature indirect force sensor

The new measuring pin from Kistler, with its small diameter of 8mm and weight of only 34g, is ideal for protecting a wide range of structures from overload damage. Fitting into an 8mm hole in the structure, the new piezoelectric strain sensor can be easily installed in any position to monitor the (more...)

Quality at every production stepQuality at every production step

Growing competitive pressure, increasing customer requirements and rising commodity prices: there are many reasons for a greater focus on quality assurance in industrial production. But many manufacturers are faced with the urgent, unanswered question of how to reconcile high quality with efficient (more...)

Kistler launches new M6 absolute pressure sensor with temperature probeKistler launches new M6 absolute pressure sensor with temperature probe

The new M6 miniature absolute pressure sensor from Kistler Instruments incorporates a PT1000 temperature probe and integrated signal conditioning in a compact package weighing less than 12g. Available in three pressure ranges; 5, 10 and 20 bar with temperature compensation up to 150°C and an (more...)

New products from Kistler at Sensors & InstrumentationNew products from Kistler at Sensors & Instrumentation

Kistler Instruments will be showing three new products at Sensors & Instrumentation; acoustic emission sensors, high sensitivity miniature pressure sensors and a signal amplifier for both piezoelectric and voltage output sensors. The acoustic emission Sensor has an integral impedance converter (more...)

Torque sensor is non-contactTorque sensor is non-contact

The Kistler Type 4520A sensor for measuring torque on shafts rotating at up to 10,000 rpm uses frequency modulation to transmit the torque signal from the rotating shaft without contact and convert it into an analogue signal. This system is considerably more reliable than slip-ring signal (more...)

New piezoresistive single-channel amplifier recognises PiezoSmart sensorsNew piezoresistive single-channel amplifier recognises PiezoSmart sensors

Kistler's new single channel measuring amplifier for piezoresistive pressure sensors is suitable for a wide range of applications using high-accuracy measurements with digitally compensated sensors. The Type 4624AK amplifier is designed to interface with Kistler PiezoSmart sensor identification and (more...)

Free Production Monitoring Seminar/WorkshopFree Production Monitoring Seminar/Workshop

Kistler Instruments will be holding a free production monitoring seminar/workshop in Bromsgrove on the 16th June 2015. The application of force, pressure, torque and surface strain sensors will be covered in the seminar with hands on workshop experience of X-Y process monitoring using the Kistler (more...)

Measuring with piezoelectric sensors has never been so easyMeasuring with piezoelectric sensors has never been so easy

Kistler says its new LabAmp Type 5165A is an outstanding amplifier designed specifically to combine impressive flexibility with convenient usability for the measurement of dynamic signals. Compatible with piezoelectric, Piezotron (IEPE) and voltage output sensors, the input signals can be routed to (more...)

4,000,000,000 miles on just one tank of fuel4,000,000,000 miles on just one tank of fuel

When the European Space Agency's (ESA) Rosetta space probe arrived at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko it had been travelling for ten years and had travelled 4 billion miles on just one tank of fuel. If the fuel had run out before the probe reached the comet, the navigational thrusters would not have (more...)

Kistler Instruments and Toolex bring hi tech to hand pressesKistler Instruments and Toolex bring hi tech to hand presses

Many thousands of hand presses are used in industry for a wide range of operations from assembly, bending and crimping to joining, press-fit, punching, and riveting where a relatively small number of products are being manufactured. Generally, hand pressing has been limited to operations where high (more...)

New Kistler charge amplifier module for NI CompactRIONew Kistler charge amplifier module for NI CompactRIO

The new charge amplifier module from Kistler Instruments allows a wide variety of force, pressure, torque and acceleration piezoelectric sensors to be used directly with National Instruments (NI) flexible CompactRIO platform without the use of external amplifiers. The charge signals from the sensors (more...)

New products on show at Sensors & InstrumentationNew products on show at Sensors & Instrumentation

Kistler Instruments will be showing its wide range of production, test and measurement products including:KiTorq: Adaptable torque measuring flange system with universal, intelligent stator.maXYmos: Manufacturing process monitoring and product testing systems.CoMo Torque: Accurate power monitoring (more...)

Last chance to get 25% discount on Kistler force measuring seminarsLast chance to get 25% discount on Kistler force measuring seminars

The two force measuring one day seminars being organised by Kistler Instruments are proving very popular, maybe because a 25% discount on the £200 delegate fee is on offer up to the end of August. The dates are the 7th October at Corsham, Wiltshire and the 9th October at Gaydon, (more...)

New battery powered reference shaker is self-contained and portableNew battery powered reference shaker is self-contained and portable

The Type 8921B reference shaker from Kistler Instruments is a compact, portable vibration exciter designed to calibrate the sensitivity of accelerometers in both laboratory and field environments. The rechargeable battery powered unit with automatic power-off is an easy to use method of verifying (more...)

Kistler sensors provide reliability and precision for testing impact protectionKistler sensors provide reliability and precision for testing impact protection

Since developing its first impact protection material in 2002, D3O has expanded both its range of products and international markets by constant product development and attention to product performance and quality. As its products are used in soft body armour for motorcycling, skiing and other (more...)

Piezoelectric strain sensor simplifies weld monitoring in aerospace tasksPiezoelectric strain sensor simplifies weld monitoring in aerospace tasks

World leading manufacturer of resistance welding technology, Sciaky Electric Resistance Welding Machines is using piezo-electric strain sensors to meet the demands of the aerospace industry for precise monitoring of the welding process.With experience spread over 80 years and an impressive worldwide (more...)

Kistler Torque sensor chosen for supercharger research at Imperial CollegeKistler Torque sensor chosen for supercharger research at Imperial College

"Ultra Boost", a three year project, partially funded by the Technology Strategy Board, is aiming to develop a supercharged petrol engine with the same power output and only 35% of the exhaust emissions as a current 5L V8 engine but only of half the size.With the number of cars, vans and (more...)

KiTorq sensor proves its worth on electric motor test standKiTorq sensor proves its worth on electric motor test stand

Regenics is the Formula Student Electric team at the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences. Since 2010 the student team has used its electric vehicle to take part in Formula Student Electric Germany, a competition for young engineers. Most recently, the 50 students went wih their vehicle to the (more...)

Improved aerospace tool designImproved aerospace tool design

Tucked away on a small Coventry industrial estate is Exactaform, a world leader in the design and manufacture of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tooling for global aerospace markets. Design ingenuity combined with investment in the best available machining and test equipment has built and maintained a (more...)

Upgraded test capability for FordUpgraded test capability for Ford

Ford Europe commits many man hours to acquiring data from prototype test vehicles at its test track at Lommel in Belgium and, during the past 13 years, much of the Road Load Data (RLD) has been derived using Kistler RoaDyn wheel force sensors over a wide variety of road surfaces. Ford has now (more...)

Latest Kistler maXYmos BL keeps quality and costs under controlLatest Kistler maXYmos BL keeps quality and costs under control

The latest version of the Kistler maXYmos BL with its extended functionality and unbeatable price-performance ratio is redefining XY monitoring for joining and assembly processes and product testing applications. New features are fast data transmission via serial Ethernet/IP and USB interfaces as (more...)

Technical springs tested for demanding automotive tasksTechnical springs tested for demanding automotive tasks

Many technical processes would be entirely inconceivable without springs. Moreover, spring failure often has severe consequences. The company Technische Federn GmbH Otto Joos from Ditzingen, Germany, manufactures technical springs to meet extremely demanding requirements in the automotive industry. (more...)

Lightweight miniature press force sensor has wide measuring rangeLightweight miniature press force sensor has wide measuring range

The Type 9313 piezoelectric press force sensor from Kistler is particularly suited to measuring both dynamic and quasistatic forces. Preloaded and provided with practical adaptation options, the sensor is ready for immediate use. It comes in two different sizes which not only differ in their (more...)

Kistler KiTorq gets extended measuring rangesKistler KiTorq gets extended measuring ranges

Kistler Instruments has added three new measuring ranges to its KiTorq torque measuring system. The new ranges of 100, 200, and 5 000 Nm have been added to the existing ranges of 500, 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 Nm measuring ranges. All ranges are available with an accuracy class of 0.05% of range. These (more...)

Servo press module equipped with wireless telemetry for clean roomsServo press module equipped with wireless telemetry for clean rooms

Many medical consumables need to be manufactured under ISO standard cleanroom conditions, but assembly in cleanroom environments makes stringent requirements of automation equipment. The first challenge is to operate without risk of contaminating the environment. In addition, many processes are (more...)

Sensors playing key role in electric vehicle developmentSensors playing key role in electric vehicle development

On a business park near Farnham in Surrey, Protean Electric is developing a novel method of providing practical, cost-effective electric power for road vehicles. The Protean Drive is a unique in-wheel electric drive system for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric light-duty vehicles, which (more...)

Joining module is key to fuel injector assemblyJoining module is key to fuel injector assembly

A small company in Norfolk is manufacturing a novel, economical, fuel injection system for small petrol engines. The precision engineered injector is assembled using an electromechanical joining module to accurately position and hold the components during laser welding.If you have ever struggled (more...)

Value for money torque sensor is maintenance freeValue for money torque sensor is maintenance free

The Type 4520A contactless torque sensor from Kistler costs less than £1,500, the same as many slip-ring types, and is exceptionally robust and very low maintenance. Non-contact, frequency modulation signal transmission, used to transmit the torque signal from the rotating shaft, virtually (more...)

Kistler cutting force training course

Following the highly successful Cutting Force training course held at Trinity College, Dublin last year, Kistler is holding similar one day event in association with Birmingham University on the 11th May. The full day course will cover all the fundamentals of Cutting Force measurement in both (more...)

Joining systems

As an alternative to hydraulic, pneumatic and pneumo-hydraulic joining systems, Kistler offers this electro-mechanical NC joining system with integral force sensor. (more...)

Kistler introduces a low range 3-component force linkKistler introduces a low range 3-component force link

Kistler force links are widely used in measuring dynamic forces on vibrating tables and quality assurance applications in laboratory and production. The latest addition to the range suits applications requiring a lower measuring range at lower and higher operating temperatures. The new Type 9327C (more...)

Safe landing assured with gearbox testingSafe landing assured with gearbox testing

During the landing approach, the flaps on the trailing edges of the wings of large aircraft are deployed to provide extra, low speed lift to make for a safe, controlled touchdown. The gearboxes driving the flap mechanisms must meet stringent service life and wear specifications to ensure maximum (more...)

Kistler Group acquires Corrsys-Datron Sensorsysteme

The Kistler Group has acquired Corrsys-Datron Sensorsysteme GmbH based in Wetzlar, Germany, in an all-stock transaction. This acquisition enables Kistler to round off its range of measuring systems for vehicle dynamic testing in automobile development. The optical technology of Corrsys is a further (more...)

Compact joining module

New from Kistler is the NCFT Type 2157A electromechanical joining module, designed for applications where precise positioning and reliable repeatability must be combined with very small joining forces. (more...)

Kistler expands vehicle test division

Building on its range of piezoelectric vehicle test sensors and crash barriers, Kistler has taken over MSC Automotive in an all share transaction. The MSC products fit exceptionally well with the Kistler range of precision sensors that are widely used in motor vehicle testing. (more...)

Electromechanical actuators prove a good fit for joining

At Mach Kistler launched a new series of electromechanical NC press-fit systems. The compact servomotor actuators with piezoelectric force monitoring provide a ready alternative to hydraulics in a host of demanding joining applications. We have a full report in the June 2008 issue of Industrial (more...)

Sense pressure at up to 400degCSense pressure at up to 400degC

The new Type 6045A piezoelectric M8 pressure sensor from Kistler is designed specifically for both thermodynamic investigations and knock measurements in engine development applications. Suitable for use at high operating temperatures up to 400degC, the 6045A does not require cooling and is directly (more...)

Vehicle systems

A new handbook from Kistler Instruments describes the company's wide range of measuring wheels, measuring hubs, crash barriers and sensors used in the design and development vehicles from luxury cars to heavy goods vehicles. Selection of the most appropriate instrumentation is described in (more...)

Kistler acquires German torque sensor specialist

The Kistler Group has taken over the German torque sensor and force-displacement system specialist, Dr. Staiger Mohilo and Co. GmbH based in Lorch near Stuttgart. Dr. Staiger Mohilo and Co. GmbH was established in 1945 and is a market leader in torque sensor technology with more than 80 employees (more...)

Marine engine pressure sensorMarine engine pressure sensor

Kistler has introduced a new version of its Type 6613C cylinder pressure sensor specifically for slow running, marine propulsion engines. The Type 6613CB21 sensor/charge amplifier combination has a very low cut-off frequency, making it ideal for high precision cylinder pressure monitoring at (more...)

Analysis crucial in Audi's Le Mans triumphAnalysis crucial in Audi's Le Mans triumph

With five podiums out of seven starts in the Le Mans 24 Hour race, the exceptionally reliable and fast Audi R8 is the most consistently successful sports car in the world. Making a small but essential contribution to the success of the R8, the enhanced Kistler six component RoaDyn System 2000 (more...)
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