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Industry 4.0 Summitt

Manchester Central (M2 3GX)

28/02/2018 - 01/03/2018

Industry 4.0, the 4th industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, digital factories…these are (more)

Drives & Controls 2018

NEC, Birmingham(B40 1NT)

10/04/2018 - 12/04/2018

Drives & Controls exhibition is recognised as the UK’s leading show for Automation, Power (more)

UKIVA Machine Vision Conference

Arena MK(MK1 1ST)


Following a successful launch in 2017, UKIVA Machine Vision Conference returns to Arena MK, Milton Keynes, (more)

Spirol Industries

Spirol Industries is a market leader in the supply of threaded inserts for plastics, compression limiters and tubular products such as dowel bushings and spacers together with pins including coiled, slotted and solid versions.

Engineering solutions, particularly for fastening applications, are provided to many different industries including plastics and component moulding, the automotive sector, electronics, domestic appliance manufacture, materials handling and many others.  Automation equipment to allow low to large volume insertion of many of the company’s products is also available whilst Spirol’s renowned engineering support helps ensure that the optimum solution is provided for every application.


  • Fasteners and adhesives
  • Fasteners
  • Coiled pins
  • Fastening Systems
  • Machine Building
  • Small mechanical components
  • Springs, gas springs and dampers
  • Springs

News from Spirol Industries

New controller for Spirol Series 2000 feed systemsNew controller for Spirol Series 2000 feed systems

Spirol has redesigned the Mark VI controller for its Series 2000 high performance feed systems. The Mark VI controller introduces a 7in touchscreen display with 50 recipe storage capacity and Ethernet interface for remote access and control. Spirol says the Mark VI is unique when compared to (more...)

Moulded-in aluminium threaded insertsMoulded-in aluminium threaded inserts

Spirol is pleased to introduce a high performance line of moulded-in inserts for plastics manufactured from aluminium. The robust design of the Series 60 blind-end and Series 61 through-hole Inserts consists of axial grooves to maximise torque resistance, balanced with radial undercuts to achieve (more...)

Choosing the appropriate fastener when automatingChoosing the appropriate fastener when automating

The fastener is as important when automating as the automation equipment itself. Choosing the right fastener may prevent exorbitant machine and fixture costs, decrease set-up and cycle times, as well as reduce the manufacturing cost of the components. Christie Jones of Spirol explains. One of the (more...)

1,000+ hour corrosion resistant coating1,000+ hour corrosion resistant coating

Spirol has introduced ArmorGalv, a thermal zinc diffusion coating, as a standard finish option for its engineered fasteners. The company says this uniform deposition coating could revolutionise the industrial fastener market with 1,000+ hours of corrosion resistance, no risk of hydrogen (more...)

Precision metal shims

Spirol’s new precision metal shims brochure details the breadth of its product line, as well as the added value services in quality certifications. Spirol specialises in quick turnaround of high quality, precision engineered shims. (more...)

The advantages of using edge bonded shimsThe advantages of using edge bonded shims

Using shims can help to reduce assembly times and eliminate subsequent machining requirements. The experts at Spirol guide us through the different types available and their benefits. Precision shims are used as compensators to absorb tolerances between mating components. They significantly reduce (more...)

Coiled spring pin product selection considerationsCoiled spring pin product selection considerations

Invented by Spirol in 1948, the coiled spring pin was specifically designed to address deficiencies associated with conventional methods of fastening such as threaded fasteners, rivets and other types of pins subject to lateral forces. Easily recognised by their unique 2.25 coil cross section, (more...)

Compression limiters and threaded insertsCompression limiters and threaded inserts

In this article, Christie Jones of Spirol looks at how to properly mate compression limiters and threaded inserts in plastic assemblies.In applications where the mating component is also plastic, a compression limiter is necessary to avoid the creep or stress relaxation in the mating component from (more...)

Compression limiters in bolted joint applicationsCompression limiters in bolted joint applications

Tara Meinck of Spirol looks at considerations for ensuring bolted joint integrity when using a compression limiter in a plastic assembly.Compression limiters are used to protect plastic components in bolted joints and maintain a threaded fastener's clamp load by eliminating plastic creep. To (more...)

New solid pins design guideNew solid pins design guide

Spirol is pleased to announce the release of its new Solid Pin Design Guide. Spirol recently overhauled its previous Solid Pin catalogue to make it an informative design guide with many easy-to-read schematics and diagrams to support each key section. Rather than simply providing specifications, (more...)

Coiled spring pins now offered in stainless steelCoiled spring pins now offered in stainless steel

Spirol has introduced a line of 316 stainless steel coiled spring pins in metric sizes with nominal diameters ranging from 2-6mm and lengths from 8-50mm, designed for applications used in corrosive environments.Coiled spring pins are self-retaining pins that compress when installed into the host (more...)

Coiled spring pins provide optimum hinge designCoiled spring pins provide optimum hinge design

Coiled Spring Pins are particularly well suited for use in both friction and free fit hinges. To achieve optimum long-term hinge performance designers should observe some simple design guidelines. Christie Jones and Michael Pasko of Spirol explain.There are two primary types of hinges. A free fit (more...)

Spirol Europe Announces ISO 9001:2008 RecertificationsSpirol Europe Announces ISO 9001:2008 Recertifications

Spirol Europe is pleased to announce that both Spirol United Kingdom and Spirol France have had their ISO 9001:2008 certifications reissued for three years by the British Standards Institution applicable to the manufacture and distribution of precision engineered fasteners, tubular products, shims, (more...)

Spirol receives 2014 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence AwardSpirol receives 2014 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award

For the third consecutive year, Spirol Industries has received the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award. The award was received on behalf of the entire Spirol team by Daniel McLean, quality manager and Chris Stanton, operations manager. Spirol is one of only 80 GM suppliers to receive (more...)

How to maximise the retention of spring pinsHow to maximise the retention of spring pins

What are spring pins, where are they used and how do you get the most out of them? Evan Dowell, application engineer at Spirol, offers this application advice.Spring Pins are used in many different assemblies for a variety of reasons: to serve as hinge pins and axles, to align components, or simply (more...)

Spirol announces the availability of 2D/3D drawingsSpirol announces the availability of 2D/3D drawings

Spirol International is now pleased to offer 2D/3D drawings of its products. Drawings are available for both standard and common special items. In all, there are well over 100 different series of products in both metric and inch dimensions. In addition to being able to download each drawing in (more...)

Spirol achieves gold level status with Caterpillar

Spirol International has announced the recent achievement of gold level status in the Caterpillar Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP) Recertification. SQEP is Caterpillar's operational excellence initiative that recognises a supplier's commitment to meet and sustain high quality (more...)

Coiled pin design guide from Spirol

Spirol is pleased to announce the release of its brand new 'Coiled Pin Design Guide'. Truly an 'engineered-fastener', the coiled pin is available in three 'duties' enabling the designer to choose the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and diameter to accommodate (more...)

Disc springs ensure consistent clamping on CNC machinesDisc springs ensure consistent clamping on CNC machines

Disc springs from Spirol have provided a solution to ensuring a consistent clamping force in the operation of pick-off spindles for CNC screw machines. These spindles are designed to hold a part as it is cut to length and finished. They use a collet to release the part when it is complete and then (more...)

Stainless steel disc springs added to rangeStainless steel disc springs added to range

Disc springs are conical washer type components designed to be axially loaded and provide high levels of deflection resistance within a very small space. They can be assembled into stacks to achieve load characteristics to meet the specific needs of any application.Now available from Spirol (more...)

Edge bonded shim set for military vehiclesEdge bonded shim set for military vehicles

A military ground assault vehicle manufacturer approached Spirol Industries to provide quick delivery of adjustable shim packs for the spacing of armoured vehicle door hinges. This spacing is critical to the welding process, providing proper sealing and locking engagement of the door systems. The (more...)

The applications advantages of disc springsThe applications advantages of disc springs

Disc springs offer an advantage over coil springs by providing an equivalent displacement in a fraction of the space. This translates into tangible benefits for a whole raft of applications. A good example is in the support of industrial pipe systems. These are primarily are supported by rod (more...)

Disc springs now offered in stainless steel versionsDisc springs now offered in stainless steel versions

Spirol Industries has expanded its range of disc springs with the addition of new stainless steel versions. Although stainless steel is not part of the DIN 2093 standard, all the disc springs produced by Spirol are controlled to that exacting level.Two types of stainless steel disc springs are now (more...)

Solving the problem of cracked assembliesSolving the problem of cracked assemblies

When a manufacturer of plastic automotive engine components experienced problems during the installation of a special vacuum fitting, Spirol Industries came up with a solution based on its compression limiters and their ability to withstand high torque loads and prevent excessive compression of the (more...)

Stainless steel disc springsStainless steel disc springs

Spirol Industries has expanded its range of Disc Springs with the addition of new stainless steel versions. Although stainless steel is not part of the DIN 2093 standard, all the disc springs produced by Spirol are controlled to that exacting level.Two types of stainless steel Disc Springs are now (more...)

Coiled spring pins solve oil pump problem for automotive designCoiled spring pins solve oil pump problem for automotive design

The automotive industry historically has used machined solid dowels to align various engine components to the block. The sole purpose of the dowels is to provide finished assembly alignment to the engine block. In an effort to reduce cost, total assembly weight and installation forces a manufacturer (more...)

Fastener applications

Spirol has launched a new multi-lingual website for its global customers. It provides comprehensive technical product information and an intuitive Application Engineering Section where customers can input details of their required application direct to Spirol for evaluation. (more...)

Speeding up the fastening processSpeeding up the fastening process

New from Spirol Industries is the PH Platen Heat Insert Driver, the PH Platen-Style model. This machine provides an accurate and consistent means of installing multiple inserts into a plastic moulded component. This is loaded into a fixture nest on a manual linear slide and the inserts are manually (more...)

Coiled spring pins help to reduce assembly costs

In any assembled component there are two ways to reduce the overall cost of the assembly: reduce the cost of the individual components or reduce the cost to assemble the components. Advice from Spirol in the July 2008 issue of Industrial Technology highlights the role of the coiled spring pin.Why (more...)

Fastening protection for plastic moulds

Engineered fastener manufacturer Spirol Industries has introduced the new CL101 and CL111 range of solid knurled compression limiters. They are designed to preserve the integrity of a plastic threaded joint when a metal bolt is inserted, preventing creep, loosening and eventual failure of the (more...)

Fastening systems

Everything you could want to know about fastener automation is contained on a new CD guide from Spirol. The company offers a range of equipment for fast and reliable fastener installation and parts feeding of pins, compression limiters, bushings and inserts. Full details of these products and the (more...)

Coiled spring pins solve automotive problemsCoiled spring pins solve automotive problems

Design advice from Spirol caused an automotive company to replace the long semi-tubular rivet in its glove compartment handle with two coiled pins.Instead of using a semi-tubular rivet as a hinge pin in an automotive glove compartment handle application, a major supplier to the automotive industry (more...)

Coiled spring has benefits over hingesCoiled spring has benefits over hinges

The use of Spirol coiled springs in hinged cosmetic powder compacts is demonstrating major advantages over traditional hinges in terms of cost and durability. In an industry where product quality is vital but margins small, the need to eliminate product failures is taking on more and more (more...)

Latch pins for plasticLatch pins for plastic

Spirol Industries has introduced a new range of latch pins which have been designed for larger plastic hinge applications. Forming part of the company's extensive solid pin range, there are three sizes available covering lengths from 18 up to 75mm in six different types manufactured from low (more...)

Knurl pins suit soft materials

Spirol Bissell, the distribution division of Spirol Industries, now offers a comprehensive range of knurl pins. These are ideal for making fastenings in soft materials and thin cross sections where their multi-crested design evenly distributes the retention force. They are available in two types: (more...)

Self-tapping plastic insertsSelf-tapping plastic inserts

New to the Spirol range is the self-tapping range for use with plastics. They are designed for use in most plastics, including thermosets, providing a high and consistent pull-out strength. Installation of the inserts is simple using a drill press and fitted with a non-pitched tapping head or with a (more...)

Extended range of spacersExtended range of spacers

The Spirol range of spacers is produced from strip metal into roll formed tubes. The range is now available in both low carbon steel and aluminium in sizes from 3mm ID to 24mm ID. Both standard and heavy duty wall versions are available, which are suitable for more demanding applications. Key (more...)

Bissel disc springs from Spirol

Now available from Spirol Industries is the Bissell disc spring range which is one of the most comprehensive available in terms of standard and special ranges, sizes, potential applications and materials. The range includes the renowned former Anaco disc spring range and all products are produced to (more...)

Bissell disc springs now available from SpirolBissell disc springs now available from Spirol

New from Spirol Industries is the Bissell disc spring range which is one of the most comprehensive available in terms of standard and special ranges, sizes, potential applications and materials. The range includes the renowned former Anaco disc spring range and all products are produced to ISO 9002 (more...)

Automotive fastening solutions

If you have ever wondered about specifying Spirol pins, inserts, bushings and compression limiters for automotive applications, then a new guide from the company should provide all the answers. ‘High Performance Solutions for Automotive Applications’ details the vast number of potential (more...)

Coiled spring pinsCoiled spring pins

Spirol Industries has introduced new versions to its range of both metric and imperial spring pins. Additional lengths and diameters, together with improvements in performance duties, make the Spirol range possibly the largest available in terms of size and material range, and suitable for a vast (more...)
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