Dust proof conveyors for demanding tasks
Posted to News on 22nd Nov 2010, 00:00

Dust proof conveyors for demanding tasks

Dorner Manufacturing's new 2300 and 5300 Series conveyors are now part of the new DustPruf family of conveyors. These new anti-dust and particulate dust proof conveyors are available in the UK from Automation Supplies.

Dust proof conveyors for demanding tasks

This new conveying system is ideal for environments where dust, particulates or product debris build up and where constant cleaning just isn't feasible. Dorner DustPruf conveyors provide all the integration flexibility of a T-slot system without the drawback - slots that collect dust and particulates. The patent pending SmartSlot technology is designed into the frame of each DustPruf conveyor. The smooth profile of the SmartSlot virtually eliminates dust collection points without giving up the integration and add-on capabilities of a T-slot by removing slots that collect dust or contaminates. The guiding principle is that if you remove the slots, and dust has nowhere to accumulate, but if you leave a void behind the front surface, you can still easily utilize it to add on attachments fast.

The DustPruf conveyors are available in both belt (2300 Series) and plastic chain (5300 Series). The 2300 series is designed from the industry leading 2200 Series low profile small parts handling conveyor platform. It offers increased load capacity compared with the standard 2200 Series, and has an FDA-approved, low-friction coating on bedplate. The 5300 provides a modular design that allows simple configuration and reconfiguration, with straights, curves and inclines to reduce product transfers and motors required.

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