Emergency stop switch 'in a box' solutions
Posted to News on 27th Apr 2013, 00:00

Emergency stop switch 'in a box' solutions

Combining two great products to provide one ideal solution, Idec has launched a new series of Emergency Stop switch 'in a box' solutions by pairing its competitive YW series 22mm E-Stop with its light weight IP65 plastic enclosure.

Emergency stop switch 'in a box' solutions

>The Emergency Stop switch meets IEC60947-5-5, 6.2 ensuring the stop function shall be maintained until the emergency stop device is reset (disengaged). Additionally the contacts have 'direct opening action' so even if the contacts are welded, the NC (normally closed) contacts are forced to open and break the circuit (compliant to IEC60947-5-1, Annex K, IEC60947-5-5, 5.2).

>The E-Stop can be reset by either the traditional twist action or a simple pull action (Push to set, Twist or Pull to reset) making it ideal for the global market. Safety specification is also included in the design as the E-Stop button is designed to ensure an object cannot become trapped between the mushroom button and enclosure, which could disable the button operation. In addition the mushroom is designed to prevent removal from the front of the panel (IEC60947-5-5, 6.3.2).

>Simple configuration of the control station allows the user to have the right solution for their application by choosing the number of NC (normally closed) and NO (normally open) contact configuration and selecting either a non-illuminated or illuminated operator.

>The enclosure which accommodates the Emergency Stop switch is IP65 and manufactured from polycarbonate allowing an operating temperature range from -20 to +55°C. Finally, the option to have an emergency stop legend plate or E-Stop shroud fitted behind the E-Stop ensures all the needs of the user can be met.

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