Flexible epoxy drives performance
Posted to News on 20th May 2024, 11:00

Flexible epoxy drives performance

Adhesives and sealants specialist Intertronics has supplied Process Instruments (Pi), a water analyser instrument manufacturer, with high performance flexible epoxy IRS 2125. The versatile adhesive offered performance benefits as a thread locker on flow cells and an IP68 rated sealant on sensors.

Flexible epoxy drives performance

Pi manufactures and supplies water analyser instrument solutions that can reliably, continuously, and accurately measure water quality. The company experienced some challenges with thread locking on its flow cells and achieving an IP68-rated seal on its sensors, so it contacted Intertronics, sharing a list of applications it needed a material for, and invited the company to suggest a solution.

"We visited the Process Instruments site to look at the applications and narrow down what adhesive would give the best results," said Paul Whitehead, Strategic Accounts Manager at Intertronics. "Process Instruments were keen not to use too many separate adhesives, so we identified versatile epoxies that could be used in multiple applications. After listening to Process Instruments describe its needs and problems, IRS 2125 appeared to be a candidate for the optimum solution for both applications."

Pi tested the IRS 2125 on both the flow cell gland application and the thread locking application under 10 bar pressure and found better performance with IRS 2125 than previous materials.

"We were really impressed that we could create a watertight seal that we could pressurise to 10 bars, with no O-rings on the gland," said Ryan Blacklaws, Product Design Engineer at Process Instruments. "IRS 2125 exceeded our expectations and during our testing we were unable to break the bond on various materials.

"We're now using it in three of our sensors and two of our flow cells, and going forward it will be in more products as we expand our range."

IRS 2125 flexible epoxy adhesive is a high performance black resin system. Its combination of good flexibility and strong adhesive strength lends itself to many high technology bonding, sealing, and insulating applications. A two part system with a simple 1:1 mix ratio, it is supplied in convenient side-by-side double syringe cartridges, complete with static mixing nozzles.


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