Harting’s Han HPR drives robust and reliable rail connectivity
Posted to News on 16th Jan 2024, 14:45

Harting’s Han HPR drives robust and reliable rail connectivity

HARTING is constantly developing and refining its connectivity solutions to improve the transmission of data, signals and power in railway applications. The Han HPR series is a proven solution for rail as it can transmit high power, high voltage, signal or Ethernet data in exposed areas. Now the company has extended the range with the Han HPR Compact.

Harting’s Han HPR drives robust and reliable rail connectivity

The rail industry continues to evolve and develop, with new trends placing higher demands on rail transit technologies. Improving reliability and efficiency, simplifying systems and reducing the number of components are key trends in the market. In addition, energy-saving and sustainability must also be considered when developing new rail technologies.

The Han HPR can be used for bogie mounting, roof mounting and as jumper cables between carriages. To expand the range to cover harsh environments with limited installation space, HARTING has added Han HPR Compact hoods and housings to the series.

The Han HPR Compact requires 20% less installation space and is 25% lighter than conventional solutions. The product is available in sizes 6, 10, 16 and 24B and has a special feature that enables the housings to grow with demand', even after installation.

The HPR Compact follows on from three other recent additions to the HPR range. They are all part of a complete system of cabling that extends from the vehicle roof to the underfloor distribution, delivering benefits including include shorter installation times, weight reduction and standardised assembly processes.

The Han HPR (High Pressure Railway) VarioShell is a housing system which has been specially designed for jumper applications. As the cover is removable, the hood can be installed from both inside and outside the rail vehicle. This also simplifies servicing and maintenance as the housing cover can be opened and faulty components replaced without disconnecting all the connections.

The Han HPR HPTC (High Performance Transformer Connector) has been developed to ensure the connections between pantograph, transformer and train busbar remain stable over the long term. The hoods and housings are metallically contacting on all sides, which means the cover and underside are connected across the entire contact surface. This is a new development, being the first transformer connector that is specially designed for shielded connections.

The Han HPR TrainPowerLine (TPL) replaces existing solutions such as UIC, power or Y-distributors for train busbars. It is tailored to modern trains running in a network and offers weight advantages of up to 10 kilograms per rail vehicle compared to previous standards. As a result, very little space is required to reliably supply all the electrical equipment and systems of the train.

As a uniform solution, it replaces the many variants that were previously required for busbar construction, meaning the number of parts has been significantly reduced. Previous interfaces for the underfloor were often hard-wired but the TPL is designed so that all connection points are now pluggable. The housing is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium and is ideally suited for use in harsh environmental conditions and outdoor applications.


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