HyperMile Racing Team Unveils Powertrain Innovation
Posted to News on 23rd May 2024, 13:45

HyperMile Racing Team Unveils Powertrain Innovation

University College London's (UCL) HyperMile Racing Team announces a pioneering advancement in automotive technology aimed at revolutionising efficiency in the Shell Eco-Marathon. Harnessing the power of Sensor Technology's TorqSense rotary torque transducer, the team has developed an innovative powertrain system poised to redefine performance standards in the eco-racing sphere.

HyperMile Racing Team Unveils Powertrain Innovation

UCL's HyperMile Racing Team, known for its dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable transportation, has partnered with Sensor Technology to integrate cutting-edge torque measurement capabilities into their vehicle design. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of a highly efficient powertrain system meticulously engineered to maximise energy utilisation and minimise waste.

The use of Sensor Technology's TorqSense transducer provides the team with real-time insights into the performance dynamics of their vehicle, enabling precise adjustments to optimise efficiency on the track. By leveraging this advanced sensor technology, UCL's HyperMile Racing Team aims to achieve unprecedented levels of fuel efficiency and endurance in the upcoming Shell Eco-Marathon.

"We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation in collaboration with Sensor Technology," says Bartol Vahcic, Technical Director of UCL's HyperMile Racing Team. "By integrating the TorqSense transducer into testing our powertrain system, we are confident that we can push the boundaries of eco-racing and set new benchmarks for sustainability and performance."

The Shell Eco-Marathon serves as the ultimate proving ground for innovations in energy efficiency, attracting top engineering talent from around the world. With the introduction of their groundbreaking powertrain system, UCL's HyperMile Racing Team aims to make a significant impact on the future of sustainable transportation and inspire the next generation of eco-minded engineers.

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