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BLV-R series BLDCs are ideal for autonomous workforces
The BLV-R Series of low voltage input power DC motors has been launched by Oriental Motor. Based on the successful BLV series, the BLV-R motors benefit from enhancements that are specifically designed to make them a cost-effective solution in AGVs and AMRs. The BLV-R series has been designed with (more...)
Micromotors are driving a new frontier in rehabilitation
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over two billion people are living with a health condition that benefits from rehabilitation. Innovations in rehabilitation engineering are giving patients with once debilitating health conditions independence and a higher quality of life. Here Dave (more...)
Covering all angles with new Igus bevel gears for lubrication-free motion
Bevel gears transfer drive forces at a 90° angle. Igus has now developed bevel gears made of two abrasion-resistant and durable high-performance plastics, especially suitable for simple applications. The gears are lightweight and cost-effective, and completely free of external lubrication, (more...)
End to end automation will be essential to meet changing demands
According to the National Office for Statistics, online orders accounted for one in four UK retail sales in August 2021. E-commerce is growing, and warehouse facilities must adapt to keep up with rising demand. Here Dave Walsha, sales manager at precision drive system supplier EMS, explores the role (more...)
EMS supplies new Faulhaber AM3248 stepper motor
Sole UK supplier of Faulhaber motors, EMS is supplying the new Faulhaber AM3248 stepper motor. Said to be capable of achieving speeds five times that of comparable stepper motors, the AM3248 delivers exceptional performance in a compact size. The multi-pole, two phase AM3248 stepper motor performs (more...)
Video highlights new Maxon products for 2021/2022
Discover Maxon’s new products for 2021/2022 in this video. Maxon presents a new frameless BLDC motor with matching off-axis encoder that it says really comes into its own in dynamic applications. At the same time, the company is also presenting a new series of ECX flat motors for robotics (more...)
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Maxon adds dynamism to robotic drives
Maxon presents a new frameless BLDC motor with matching encoder that it says really comes into its own in dynamic applications. At the same time, the drive specialist is presenting a new series of ECX flat motors for a wide range of robotics applications. This heralds the arrival on the market of (more...)
The differences in design and application between brushed and brushless motors
Mathematician Alfred North Whitehead once said: “It takes an extraordinary intelligence to contemplate the obvious”. While the crucial distinction between brushed and brushless motors, the presence or absence of brushes, is evident, the implications of their differences are much more (more...)
How to specify a motion solution for a wheeled robot
For applications that require speed and efficiency of movement, wheeled robots can be advantageous compared to legged robots. Their simpler design can also mean lower cost and reduced maintenance. To achieve these benefits, the motion system that powers a wheeled robot must be carefully specified (more...)
Advanced servo motors transforming 3D metal printing
The combination of the latest servo motor designs, extremely flexible robots and an eclectic mix of other advanced technologies are the key factors driving the rapid growth of new fabrication processes in manufacturing. Specifically, servo motors and robots are transforming additive applications and (more...)
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