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New safety focused pneumatic cylinders with industry leading locking force
Camozzi Automation has launched pneumatic cylinders with automatic mechanical end stroke locks. The automatic lock feature ensures the cylinder rod's safe and secure holding in both retracted and fully extended positions. The company says this automatic mechanical lock makes the cylinders highly (more...)
RS Components introduces ultrasonic imaging camera for fast and easy detection of compressed air leaks and electrical discharge
RS Components is now shipping a new ultrasonic-imaging camera from Flir. Ultrasonic imaging is a relatively new technology that can provide an invaluable aid to industrial companies, helping them to maximise uptime, efficiency and safety. Key application areas for ultrasonic imaging are the (more...)
Fast and simple valve actuation monitoring ensures dosing accuracy
Precise and consistent dosing accuracy ensures product quality. However, as the repeatable accuracy of valve actuation typically declines over time, monitoring valve actuation is crucial. Failure to do so can not only reduce dosing performance, it can also lead to unplanned maintenance that will (more...)
ISO standards in pneumatics – what you need to know
Steve Sands, head of product management at Festo, offers some pointers on the significance of ISO standards in pneumatic actuator development and their role in machine design. ISO standards-based actuators are a cornerstone for most manufacturers of pneumatic control technology and are a popular (more...)
Emerson introduces miniature rocker isolation valve for clinical laboratory instruments
Emerson says the Asco Series 062 rocker isolation valve has been designed especially for today’s most demanding fluid control manifolds in the clinical laboratory such as hematology and immunoassay analyers, sample preparation and pre-analytical, as well as DNA sequencing instruments. The (more...)
Pneumatic fittings meet the stringent demands of the life science market
Camozzi Automation manufactures in excess of 80 million fittings per year, and the company has now applied this extensive expertise to develop its OX1 range of fittings and accessories for the life science market. The OX1 range includes fittings suited to medical gas applications, including (more...)
Elesa launches high performance Misati pneumatic clamps
Elesa now offers high-performance pneumatic clamps from Misati which it says offer exceptional clamping action in work holding, or transport of assemblies in manufacturing operations. They are designed for robotic use, being easy to install, robust and well proven, with fast and reliable operation (more...)
Precise regulation of compressed air and gases
Filling containers with compressed air or other gases such as nitrogen can be achieved more profitably and economically with the new Flow Control Motion App from Festo, developed for use with its VTEM Motion Terminal. As a leader in industrial automation, the company is continually developing new (more...)
Bonomi adds higher precision flow control options to popular stainless steel ball valve range
Bonomi (UK) has extended the scope of its Stainless Steel ball valve with ISO 5211 direct mounting pad range (703000), with the addition of V-Ball options. The new 700355 V-Ball full bore, stainless steel ball valve, enables users to achieve even greater stability and flow control accuracy. The vast (more...)
Bonomi (UK) Ltd
Series QL reduces length without compromising strength
Camozzi Automation’s new Series QL short stroke cylinder has a reduced length, making it ideal for confined or challenging spaces, yet still offers the same strength as an ISO 15552 or ISO 21287 cylinder. Developed specifically for applications with limited radial loads and where a long (more...)
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