Insertable gasket profiles and associated cabinet locking hardware
Posted to News on 8th Sep 2022, 09:00

Insertable gasket profiles and associated cabinet locking hardware

Insertable gasket profiles and associated cabinet locking hardware

Emka MD Andy Billingham points out that recessed enclosure and cabinet doors frequently call for careful selection of hardware such as internally mounted hinges in order to compliment the security offered by a recessed door.

This is characterised by the achievement of very small gaps, so reducing the opportunity for use of any sort of forcing tool, such as a screwdriver. Applications include dust extraction systems, HVACR and outdoor installations.

Recessed doors frequently rely on channel mounted gasket which is designed to fit easily and to expand into the channel for better fit and seal when the door is closed. Being without a steel spine these sections are easier to handle and install with ends that can easily be joined for a full peripheral gasket with a complete seal and improved stability. This solution also removes the spine as a site of corrosion.

Locks for recessed doors can be selected from the many modular options available but would generally be chosen from the narrow formats which could include simple quarter turn locks or a lifthandle where rod locking is required – since lift handles tend to take up less space than swinghandles.

The aim is to minimise space used up by the hardware components so leaving more space on the door itself which also has to accommodate wide frame margins.


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