Is this the last conveyor system you'll ever need?
Posted to News on 23rd Nov 2007, 00:00

Is this the last conveyor system you'll ever need?

Got an area of your factory that's full of belt conveyors at 90deg angles to each other? Products getting snagged and belts wearing out when changing from one belt to the other? Ever wished that you could take a wide variety of product weights and widths reliably around any bend that you could even change yourself later. Wouldn't it be great not to have to worry about belt alignment on even the longest stretches? Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a conveyor up to a metre wide that could take several bends but only uses one drive?

Is this the last conveyor system you'll ever need?

If that sounds like a crazy wish list, consider that it's the one that Dorner's engineers had when designing the 5200 series Qwik Conveyor. And it's now available in UK from Automation Supplies.

The Qwik Conveyor is a modular plastic belt conveyor platform that could be the last conveyor system industrial, automation and packaging customers will need to buy. Why? Because it can be configured and reconfigured to just about any layout you can think of. With a saw and a cordless screwdriver, customers can shorten or lengthen the conveyor, change the curve configuration, and in no time at all the line's back up and running.

Accessory features are designed-in so controls and accessories are easily integrated. Air and wire management systems are also designed-in, and a patented sprocket alignment key makes quick work of sprocket and belt alignment.

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