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Product stories from November 2007 Issue of Industrial Technology
A fan for all reasons
As a major manufacturer of both catalogue and special-purpose fans, Oriental Motor is constantly expanding its product portfolio. (Read more)

In the November 2007 issue of Industrial Technology, we report on how accelerometers are playing a key role in the design of (Read more)

In the November 2007 issue of Industrial Technology, Nick Brooker of SKF's Industrial Division, introduces the latest (Read more)

Thin section bearings can reduce weight, offer functional advantages, and solve problems where space is limited. But, as this (Read more)

Capturing, counting and controlling small components
Contrinex has developed a multiple beam, diffuse, fibre optic sensor to solve the problem of capturing, counting and controlling (Read more)

Micro Plastics has expanded its range of Christmas Tree type fasteners to include over 50 new standard sizes, with eight special (Read more)
Micro Plastics

In the November 2007 issue of Industrial Technology, in the final part of his series on linear motor based positioning systems, (Read more)

Consistent electrical earthing
A newly developed self-piercing nut from Profil provides high strength location and consistent electrical earthing of components (Read more)

Digital LVDT stroke transducer
Magnet Schultz has launched an innovative digital LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) stroke transducer for position (Read more)

Displays have fieldbus interfaces
Mitex graphic and alphanumeric displays, with a choice of fieldbus or serial interfaces, are now available in the UK from Metrix (Read more)

In the November 2007 issue of Industrial Technology, we report on how variety and flexibility provide DIN rail enclosure users (Read more)

Ethernet switches get integrated power supplies
Whilst high port count, rack mounted Ethernet switches have long offered comprehensively featured, integrated power supplies, (Read more)

In the November 2007 issue of Industrial Technology, we report on Aqua-Ray, a remote controlled fish driven by water hydraulics, (Read more)

Hybrid stepper motor is flat and small but powerful
Measuring just 13mm in length and 46mm in diameter but delivering an impressive 5 Ncm holding torque, Tamagawa's TS3218 series (Read more)

In the November 2007 issue of Industrial Technology, Rittal's Sando Selchow reviews the IP69K standard for challenging (Read more)

Inclinometer carries CSA approval
Sensors UK announces the introduction of CSA Approval for the SB2I sensor box from Seika. The SB2I-CSA is Intrinsically safe for (Read more)

The 10-year maintenance-free V1000 inverter, the intuitive ZFX vision sensor and the 6mm slim G2RV industrial relay are just a few (Read more)

Motors are major energy users and offer enormous potential for energy saving. In the November 2007 issue of Industrial Technology, (Read more)

Is this the last conveyor system you'll ever need?
Got an area of your factory that's full of belt conveyors at 90deg angles to each other? Products getting snagged and belts (Read more)

Joystick with ATEX approved materials
Feteris Components are able to offer an industrial/marine joystick complete with ATEX approved potentiometers and switches. The (Read more)

Lasers provide high precision welding and cutting performance
Demanding and high precision welding and cutting applications on thin metal sheet or foil materials are now faster, simpler and (Read more)

Rethinking the way linear motors are driven allows a single motor to generate movement in two directions, providing much (Read more)

Magnetic angular position sensor
ASM introduces the latest addition to the POSIROT family, PRAS3, a new magnetic angular position sensor in a compact 36mm diameter (Read more)

Ingersoll-Rand has just released a new catalogue of products aimed at the industrial maintenance and production market sectors. (Read more)

EMS now offers Minimotor's newly developed LM series linear DC servomotor, which features dimensions as small as 12.5x47mm and (Read more)

Modbus I/O units for easy integration
Available from Audon Electronics is a new range of low-cost Modbus based remote I/O units which provide a simple way of (Read more)
Audon Electronics

Motor/drive combo ideal for simple tasks
The SIEIDrive KFM 05 is an integrated inverter duty motor with frequency inverter drive, encoder feedback and axis I/O suitable (Read more)

New gearboxes combine technologies to offer greater output from smaller, more efficient units. We report in the November 2007 (Read more)

New from Baumer is a robust level sensor resistant to contamination that fully meets the high demands of level monitoring by using (Read more)

No shocks with latest range of enclosures
The risk of an electric shock during product testing is completely eliminated with the latest range of test fixtures and (Read more)

Power alert devices are an investment in safety
Universal Power Alert (UPA) devices from Marsh Bellofram give a clear, visual indication of any residual power within an (Read more)
Marsh Bellofram

A new 60-page handbook entitled 'Mains Power Quality' is available free from REO UK. It is the latest addition to the (Read more)

Rino Industries has launched its newly improved precision engineered components catalogue. This edition is nearly 300 pages (Read more)
Rino Industries

If you're looking for a single tool to install a wide range of both rivet nuts and rivet studs, that combines low cost with (Read more)

Banner's robust muting modules are available with 67.5mm DIN-mounted housing, plug-in terminal blocks and additional features. (Read more)

Snap cure breakthrough epoxy
Master Bond says its new Supreme65HT-6 represents a breakthrough in epoxy adhesive technology, providing a hitherto unattainable (Read more)

Adhesives are used extensively in the manufacture of loudspeakers - but just what does the bonding process involve? In the (Read more)

Stainless lift-off hinge is designed for use on larger cabinet doors
The 1110-U120-PH is a lift-off hinge from Emka with simple screw fixing. It maintains the integrity of cabinet door panels - (Read more)

Swinghandle protects enclosures from vandals
Dirak has further expanded its extensive swinghandle offering to include a new, dual cylinder swinghandle. It is designed to (Read more)

C&K Components has launched a new full line catalogue that contains over 40,000,000 possible part numbers of standard switch (Read more)
C&K Components

In the November 2007 issue of Industrial Technology, John Barnett of Clare Instruments describes how the integration and (Read more)

The Autumn issue of 'Transducer Action' from RDP Electronics - takes an in-depth look at two measurement applications and (Read more)

Clamason's automated transfer press line provides the ideal manufacturing solution for set-top boxes as the UK tunes in to (Read more)
Clamason Industries

If you want to export an electrical product abroad, what safety aspects do you need to consider. In the November 2007 issue of (Read more)

The new Safemaster W wireless safety system from Dold consists of a lightweight, compact transmitter unit which incorporates a (Read more)
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