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Product stories from November 2011 Issue of Industrial Technology
Choosing the right flowmeter
Choosing the right flowmeter from the dozens of types available is difficult. Paul Trevitt of Burkert UK provides a few (Read more)

Detecting metal particles in lubricating oils
The AMOT Metal Particle Detector (MPD) alerts operators to perform oil condition checks to determine machinery health status. It (Read more)
Amot Controls

Rittal's Ri4Power, Form 1-4, offers an economic approach to low voltage switchgear requirements with easy planning, simple (Read more)

Effective rapid prototype fastener concept
With its Fastener Express method, for the first time Arnold Umformtechnik offers designers an end-to-end concept that allows (Read more)

Enclosure manufacturers answer the demand for more from OEMs
The UK enclosures industry has changed out of all proportion over the last the 30 years. Then, GRP was seen as an expensive (Read more)

Enclosures are DNV approved
Enclosures aboard ships or mounted in offshore installations can face extreme environmental conditions including high temperature, (Read more)

Epoxy preforms have low outgassing properties
Multi-Seals introduces a line of Uni-form epoxy preforms with low outgassing properties. Unlike many adhesives, these highly (Read more)

Extended range of profile accessories
The new accessories that MK Profile Systems has added to its already extensive range offer quicker assembly time, more (Read more)

Flexibility and reliability are key
Bar Graphic Machinery has implemented an efficient solution to control the unwind tension of its rewinders. The solution is based (Read more)

Gas strut range designed for use in many different applications
WDS has extended its range of gas struts and DIN standard end fittings. The high quality gas struts are suitable for a wide range (Read more)

Gearboxes offer torque ratings to 2,500kNm
Brevini has extended its S-series of high torque gearboxes to deliver even higher capacity for industry's most demanding (Read more)

Geared motors for positioning
The new MR geared rotary actuators offer a compact, simple and low cost solution for many positioning requirements. The range (Read more)

Gearhead design for delta robots
With a decade of know-how invested in individual, optimised and future-proof solutions, the experts at Wittenstein share knowledge (Read more)

Getting the latch and hinge specification right
The experts at Southco discuss how the latching and hinging solution is integral to the success of an enclosure design, and offer (Read more)

High load with small bores
The new angular-contact ball bearings from the TAC-SHR series from NSK were specially developed for use in ball screws. Although (Read more)

Includes video
Moisture adsorbing polymers
Brownell has developed a mouldable moisture adsorbing polymer, with the versatility to be injection moulded. This can be used as a (Read more)

Motors and inverters merge in servo actuators
B&R is expanding its line of drives with a series of motor-integrated servo drives with IP65 protection. The ACOPOSmulti has (Read more)

New hypoid bevel and straight bevel gearboxes
Reliance Precision Mechatronics is proud to unveil a range of precision straight bevel and hypoid bevel gearboxes with high (Read more)

Online condition monitoring of grease in rolling bearings
Schaeffler is offering a new sensor which it says it ideal for monitoring critical plant and machinery that is located in (Read more)

Pulleys as tough as steel but just half the weight
Pulley design has failed to keep pace with developments in conveyor technology, will little or no advances in materials or (Read more)

Short lead time helps EOS Energy deliver on seven week solar deadline
Spelsberg has just supplied 180 outdoor electrical enclosures in four days to help EOS Energy build a 1.15MW solar farm in less (Read more)

Spring latches add to standard parts range
Elesa's new GN722 series of 180° operation spring latches are designed for use in steel fabrications or assemblies where quick (Read more)

The benefits of DryLube bearings
SKF has announced the availability of the DryLube bearing that contains a specially engineered graphite mixture, eliminating the (Read more)

Under pressure: an engineer's guide to pressure switches
David Almond, head of sales and marketing at switch distributor PVL, explains why pressure switches are one of the most overlooked (Read more)

Understanding linear motor technology
The linear motor seems to be coming of age. The concept has been known for decades, but until recently they were too expensive or (Read more)
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