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Product stories from November 2013 Issue of Industrial Technology
ODVA reports that the next edition of The CIP Safety Specification will include services for safe motion applications. With the (Read more)
ODVA Europe

An integrated approach to machinery safety
In this third of a series of articles looking at the challenges surrounding machine building, Dan Rossek and Richard Wilkins of (Read more)

Chain pins take the lead in cart racing
Chain specialist Iwis reports that it is supplying chain pins with a special coating for racing cart drive chains. The (Read more)

Disconnect compressed air lines in complete safety
Many accidents are caused in factories and workshops by hose whip when disconnecting compressed air lines still under pressure. (Read more)

Geared motors offer higher power densities
The new Lenze g500 range of geared motors takes advantage of the latest developments in materials and machining to get more drive (Read more)

Improve output with modern level sensors
Modern level measurement components offer engineers huge potential to protect and increase the quality of plant output. Charlie (Read more)

IP ratings: what you need to know
When it comes to enclosures, what do IP ratings mean and how can you be sure you have made the correct choice? Chris Lloyd of (Read more)

Large enclosures: an open and shut case?
Gas struts can provide an ideal solution for holding open the lids and doors on larger sized enclosures.Large cases and enclosures (Read more)

Motor and gearbox for theme park ride
A theme park ride in Essex required a compact drive to provide power to the rotating ride. Complicating matters, it had to be (Read more)

New adapters for multi-axis linear positioning systems
A new range of precision adapters allows linear positioning slides to be combined easily and economically for flexible and (Read more)

Tapeswitch has provided pressure sensors for horse riding simulators manufactured by Racewood Equestrian Simulators. Racewood is (Read more)

Profiles bring relief to golfers
Golfing enthusiasts will be only too aware of the persistent problem of what to do when you find yourself needing a comfort break (Read more)

High profile viruses attacking industrial control systems, plus the ongoing discussion on the threat of cyber terrorism to vital (Read more)

Technology that gets under your skin
Tattoo professionals consider themselves to be artists; accordingly, their tattoo devices are the equipment with which they (Read more)

The applications advantages of disc springs
Disc springs offer an advantage over coil springs by providing an equivalent displacement in a fraction of the space. This (Read more)

Wave spring meets F1 challenge
When award winning manufacturer Yasa Motors, a company that specialises in very high power and torque density axial flux motors, (Read more)
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