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Product stories from October 2020 Issue of Industrial Technology
ABB Food Safe motors withstand over 1,100 washdown cycles
Maintaining product safety in food and beverage plants requires strict hygiene standards. Frequent washdowns are required to avoid (Read more)

Air cooling versus liquid cooling for industrial enclosures
Almost without exception, industrial environments are hostile spaces for electrical equipment; their components don’t react (Read more)

How can digitalisation, sustainability, customisation and regionalisation will help build the supply chain of tomorrow? Schneider (Read more)

Carpanelli motors direct from the manufacturer with cost savings
Carpanelli is describing the ending of its distribution agreement with Lenze as an opportunity for users to get original products (Read more)

Connected safety for improved productivity
What is a Safe Network and what benefits does it offer for system designers and users? Dr Martin Kidman, Safety Specialist at Sick (Read more)

Considerations for a linear guidance system
The fundamental element of any production cell is how to guide and transfer a component around the system. There are many options, (Read more)

Construction site robot ready for outer space
In the building of Chiron, a new breed of construction robot, eight mechanical engineering, two electrical engineering and three (Read more)

Dispensing tips in wearable device manufacture
Peter Swanson, managing director of adhesive specialist Intertronics discusses best practice for dispensing processes in wearable (Read more)

Distributor becomes manufacturer of social distancing solution
Turck Banner’s systems division has a reputation for bringing together a diverse array of products to form cohesive systems (Read more)

Flexible power for undersea lines and tethered drones
The 3kW high voltage (HV) DC power supplies manufactured by Cotek are now available from power conversion specialist Relec (Read more)

Helping OEMs bring new machine features to market
Eaton has launched its SFX programmable safety controller, an IEC 61508 safety integrity level (SIL) 2 certified controller for (Read more)
Eaton Fluid Power

High flow and low pressure drop maximises output
Tom Parker has introduced a new range of CEJN safety hose reels for compressed air, water, and electricity. From a safety (Read more)

How to reduce cabinet clutter in food production
Food manufacturers can achieve flexible production at minimal labour costs, by adopting automation without cabinets. Stephen (Read more)

I/O modules enable process control with the need for a separate PLC
Two new series of I/O modules for Control Techniques’ drives have been designed to enable applications to be managed without (Read more)

Innovative field shelter delivers off-grid cooling solution for remote basestation
A field equipment shelter fitted with fault-tolerant cooling is ensuring the reliability of a wireless communications link that (Read more)

KEB F6 drive controllers upgrade of high-bay warehouse storage machine
KEB Automation has helped a customer in Germany convert its high-bay warehouse storage and retrieval machine from an (Read more)

Material considerations for spring applications
There are a number of factors to take into account in a spring’s application before going ahead with the design and (Read more)

Motors for infrared technology systems
Dave Walsha, commercial development officer at Electromechanical Systems (EMS), looks at the applications of infrared technology (Read more)

New harmony: the G5-5 harmonic recommendations demand attention
The new G5-5 recommendations on harmonic disturbance are a significant change to the previous G5-4. System integrators and end (Read more)

Greg Hookings, Head of Business Development – Digitalisation, Stratus Technologies, looks at how edge computing can prepare (Read more)

Prevent nuts and bolts self-loosening
When threaded bolts, screws and nuts come loose, it can not only compromise the performance of your mechanical equipment but could (Read more)

Protection against frost as temperatures drop
Insulation and temperature management in pipes for industrial processing and commercial properties is important all year round. Of (Read more)

Re-energising European battery cell production
Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics can play a key role in powering up the industry, says Henry Claussnitzer, Business (Read more)

Reliable detection of different objects
Time-of-Flight laser sensors can reliably detect objects of various colours and materials, based on the time difference between (Read more)
Carlo Gavazzi

Safety and control functions via radio
Whether in bidirectional pair operation or unidirectional group operation, the innovative SAFEMASTER W wireless safety system UH (Read more)

Schaeffler introduces CONCEPT1 lubricator
Schaeffler has launched its new CONCEPT1 single-point automatic lubricator to the UK market. Engineered to ensure optimal (Read more)

System for filling cardboard boxes
MK Profile Systems was faced with a request from a cosmetics company to design and provide a comprehensive modular system for (Read more)

The hidden costs that could damage profits
TFC’s Keith Kentish highlights some unseen supply chain costs and explains how manufacturers can avoid them. According to (Read more)

Kistler launches charge amplifier with IO-Link technology
A new flexible, miniature charge amplifier with IO-Link, a world first from Kistler, complies with industrial communications (Read more)

Spirol launches new series of moulded-in aluminium threaded inserts for plastics
Spirol has introduced a new, high-performance series of moulded-in inserts for plastics assemblies. The rugged design of the (Read more)

TR launches new security fastener to prevent businesses becoming victims of crime
A new range of security fasteners has been launched to help businesses to cut the cost of being a victim of crime from their (Read more)
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