More convenience and greater security
Posted to News on 3rd May 2024, 10:01

More convenience and greater security

Easy to open and even easier to lock, the new housing quarter turns for profile half cylinders from EMKA offer increased ease of use. At the same time, compact control racks in particular as well as distribution and meter boxes can be upgraded to a higher security level.

More convenience and greater security

The locking solution is based on EMKA's widely used 1,000-cut out. Consequently, the new EMKA solution offers a simple replacement for traditional quarter turns.

Quarter turns are a simple and practical solution for locking doors. They are frequently used in industrial rack construction and are available in numerous designs. EMKA is introducing a new product to the market that enhances user convenience and improves security by incorporating housing quarter turns for profile half cylinders. This is because conventional quarter turns can either be unlocked completely without a key, with a special tool or with the aid of a key.

A round cylinder, which is comparatively easier to manipulate, is usually used. By combining the classic quarter turn lock with a 40 mm or 45 mm profile half cylinder, EMKA is now taking the locking solution to a new level of security. In addition, the new housing quarter turn can be ideally integrated into the key management of a system's main locking system. This is because the customer integrates the desired profile half cylinder into the EMKA solution and can, for example, operate all systems with one master key.

Shock and vibration tested

The new housing quarter turn is conveniently unlocked from the front using the key. The plastic handle pops out and is swivelled through 90 to open the rack. It has a pleasant feel and is extremely easy to operate. After opening, the key can be removed and used for other locks. To lock, the handle is returned to its original position and simply pressed shut; the key does not need to be used again.

Another advantage of the new locking solution is using the universal cut out from EMKA's 1000 quarter turn programme. Even after installation, classic quarter turns on racks can therefore be easily replaced. The replacement is done in just a few simple steps. The new locking solution from EMKA is shock and vibration tested in accordance with DIN EN 61373 Cat. 1B and fulfils the requirements of protection class IP66.

Thanks to the foamed seal, the new housing quarter turn for profile half cylinders is not only absolutely dust-tight but also offers maximum protection against powerful water jets.


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