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Automated welding solution with Omron cobots assists expert welders in repetitive processes

Automated welding solution with Omron cobots assists expert welders in repetitive processes

Guidetti Technology has integrated Omron collaborative robots (cobots) into its ‘EasyArc’ welding solution. This is used in collaborative applications on small batches of various types of metal carpentry.

Based in Modena, Italy, Guidetti has 50 years of experience in the sale, installation and servicing of welding systems. The cobot is being used to streamline repetitive welding processes. It is combined with Omron’s intuitive NB7 operator panel and NXP2 PLC, along with Fronius’ state-of-the-art modular welding technology. It can be used for a wide range of welding processes.

A complete interface integrates the management of all the processes with the cobot controller. The aim is to help expert welders with repetitive work, without any special programming skills being needed. This frees them up to spend their time and energy on more difficult and demanding work. The welder can manually set a sequence of points for the trajectory to be executed and refine this with minimal instructions on the programming panel.

This all ensures that Guidetti’s solutions based on cobots can be implemented in production very quickly (for example, to cope with sudden increases in production or a temporary shortage of trained welders). Operator safety is ensured due to the system’s safety features, which including reducing the speed and sensitivity of the axes so that they stop automatically in the event of an accidental impact.

The compact size and simplicity of reprogramming make it easy to move the cobot solution to different production areas within a plant. Integration within an Industry 4.0 system enables the solution to track data, particularly relating to certification, work cycle analysis, management interfaces and remote assistance.


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