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Large gear units now available in five days

Large gear units now available in five days

SEW Eurodrive’s new ATO5 service, providing delivery of industrial gear units within just five working days, has now been extended to include large R, F and K units from its 7 Series range. These units are suitable for heavy engineering applications such as wood, food, concrete and water treatment etc.

The extended service will be of benefit to both design and maintenance engineers alike. Designers, for example, will benefit with more time for better planning, the ability to finish the design before placing an order, and faster project implementation.

The new services will result in greater operational reliability too, as ATO5 units will leave SEW Eurodrive’s plant just five working days after receiving an order, making it more like an extension of the customer’s own warehouse.

The extremely short delivery time of five working days offers added value to both OEMs and end customers. While OEMs can order a gearbox at the end of the design process of their equipment, and therefore do not have to consider design changes, end customers have the advantage that SEW can deliver replacement gear units in a very short time.


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