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Magnomatics shortlisted for Eureka Global Project

Magnomatics shortlisted for Eureka Global Project

Magnomatics, a world leader in magnetic gear technologies, together with partner Seaplace, a leading provider of engineering consultancy services to the shipbuilding and offshore industry, has been put forward for the Eureka Global Project of the Year Award 2019.

The FTMC Turbine project involved developing a marine turbine specifically designed to harness the energy from tidal and ocean currents in regions which, having relatively-high-speed water flows at depths with long distance to the seabed, cannot ensure an economic exploitation with fixed turbines.

Magnomatics’ magnetically-geared PDD® generator (Pseudo Direct Drive) ensures a robust and high efficiency solution that can operate in the inherently rough immersed conditions, while Seaplace‘s combination of a TLP-like (Tension Leg Platform) mooring and a robust floater arranged as a nozzle makes the concept feasible.

Using the kinetic energy of ocean currents as a means of generating energy is a relatively young technology compared with developments in other fields of alternative power generation. However, it offers immense potential as currents are more predictable than wind or solar power. 

The mass transport of the Gulf Stream current is more than 30 times the total flow of the fresh water rivers of the entire world. This huge current achieves at some places, off the East coast of Florida, an annual power density of about 2,0 kW/m2 - corresponding to a mean current speed of about 3 knots (approx. 3.5 mph).

The Eureka cluster programme in Advanced Manufacturing aims to promote collaborative, international and close-to-market Research and Development, as well as innovation projects. The Eureka Global Project of the Year is an award to recognise the project which has achieved the biggest impact overall within the Eureka European portfolio.

David Latimer, Chief Executive Officer at Magnomatics, said: “We are extremely proud to have been put forward for such an internationally renowned award with our partner Seaplace. It is a credit to the hard work and dedication of the team not only at Magnomatics but also at Seaplace.”

Jaime Moreu, New Development Manager at Seagate said: “The project has meant a step forward for us, giving us confidence on a technology that is not easy to prove nor straightforward. The interaction of the different physics disciplines involved requires an outstanding collaboration between the consortium partners to ensure there are no loose ends. In the end, a prototype of a technology that no one has been able to test so far has been made possible.”


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