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Weg designs bespoke motors for mine ventilation system

Weg designs bespoke motors for mine ventilation system

Weg has been awarded a critical contract to supply two flameproof motors for the primary ventilation system of the Chertinskaya Koksovaya mine in Russia. Partnering with Ventprom, an expert manufacturer of underground ventilation equipment, Weg has developed unique, explosion-proof motors to meet the challenging conditions of a large-scale mining environment.

Located in Belovo, Russia, the Chertinskaya-Koksovaya mine is managed by the large-scale mining organisation, MMK-Ugol. The company is responsible for producing 3.4 million tonnes of coal per year, 2.8 million tonnes of which is used for steel production.  Working with Ventprom, WEG has designed a new motor that has been manufactured specifically to operate in this environment.

Ventprom is an established machine-builder in Russia and manufactures ventilation systems for several large mining companies. With 70 years’ experience, Ventprom specialises in producing tailor made ventilation systems for mines that are essential for expelling dangerous gases and removing heat and dust.

Due to the extreme nature of the environment of Chertinskaya-Koksovaya, off-the-shelf motors would not suffice. To overcome this, Weg applied its expertise in motor design to develop a bespoke solution, with increased lifespans when compared to generic motors.

Using a tube-cooling design, Weg developed two flame proof motors that can operate effectively when totally enclosed. As opposed to air cooling, the motors minimise heat by utilising cooling tubes inside the motor’s frame.

As part of the commission, Weg also developed a unique bearings arrangement to endure the high loads and inertia of the application. Combined with impressive specifications — operating at an output of 2400 kilowatts (kW) — the two flameproof motors were customised specifically for deployment in the hostile mining environment.

The two motors meet Customs Union (TU CU) certification, a standard for countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) — Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The motors also adhere to EACEx standards, the Eurasian conformity certification for explosion-proof products.

“Customised products are not necessarily a luxury, but a necessity in some sectors,” explained Ihor Sapa, business development of Russia and CIS countries at Weg Portugal. “For this project, developing a bespoke motor was essential. In the environment of the Chertinskaya Koksovaya mine, the motors needed to be flame-proof and expertly designed.

"Thankfully, Weg Portugal is highly experienced in the manufacture of explosion-protected solutions,” added Sapa. “Weg’s customer-focussed approach and the attention given to customers’ individual needs proves that WEG is prepared to address the requirements of unique and complicated projects — including underground mining and classified area products.”

The motors developed for the Chertinskaya Koksovaya mine were designed and manufactured by Weg Portugal at one of the company’s European manufacturing facilities in Maia, Portugal. The factory is one of two production sites in Portugal and specialises in the production of explosion-proof motors.


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