Panasonic Industry presents new short puls fiber laser marker
Posted to News on 22nd Sep 2020, 00:00

Panasonic Industry presents new short puls fiber laser marker

Panasonic Industry Europe introduces the successor of the Panasonic V-Series: the new 20W LP-RV short pulse fiber laser marker marks various materials from illuminated switches for automotive, electronic devices, medical applications to metal parts, or resin molds.

Panasonic Industry presents new short puls fiber laser marker

The short pulse fiber technology of the Panasonic LP-RV achieves to generate a quick pulse duration as short as only 1ns. Therefore the thermal effect on the workpiece is very short and reduces undesired effects like discoloring, burning, or deformation. This setting is perfect for marking high contrast characters on resin surfaces.

On the other side, the pulse duration is also switchable in seven steps up to 200ns (user-defined settings), which allows accurate permanent markings on metal parts. So one system achieves perfect high contrast marking on metal and plastic parts.

The low heat generation during the marking process allows marking characters in very fine line segments down to only 0.15mm x 0.15mm.

The LP-RV can also mark at a high processing tact time, as it can generate a short pulse laser beam in high repetition pulse oscillation, even if the laser beam is scanned at a higher speed.

The three-unit configuration, where laser head, laser oscillator, and controller are separable, supports a quick installation process. In contrast to conventional laser markers, the very compact head unit of the LP-RV can be easily moved and mounted within the production equipment, while detached from the controller. This renders the new laser marker as very flexible and also reduces downtime for maintenance. The head unit is also built fan-less and features an IP64 rating, for a durable and trouble-free use even in dusty or oily environments.

The controller of the LP-RV features a power transformer and noise suppression components to provide high resistance to noise in order to prevent any unexpected issues caused by sudden electrical noise, ensuring a seamless marking process.

As the three-unit configuration of the hardware shortens the installation time of the Panasonic LP-RV, the NAVI smart software simplifies the setup of markings like characters, logos, or 2D code. The integrated Smart Condition Setting Function is packed with our extensive knowledge of laser marking parameters such as laser power, scan speed, and pulse oscillation frequency. By selecting one of 14 presets, the user can quickly test multiple settings for different workpieces like iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and a wide variety of plastics.

If connected to a machine vision system, the LP-RV becomes a powerful, automated laser marking solution. The LP-RV series can be connected directly to a machine vision system. This enables the execution of a series of operations, such as detecting the workpiece position, correction of the marking position and cross-checking of scanned information of marked Data Matrix code (DMC), etc., without using a PLC.

In addition, the new EtherNet/IP and PROFINET network units are available to support the PLC connection via these industrial networks. The installation of the additional network units is easy and can be performed at any time.

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