Precise, reliable detection of marks and colour contrast

Sensing and instrumentation specialist Baumer’s new range of OC50 / OC60 contrast and luminescence sensors provide reliable and precise detection of minute and invisible print marks even at very fast speeds thanks to low jitter>7µs.

Developed on the intensity discrimination principle, the OC50 is a basic contrast sensor with the ability to detect even the smallest differences between a mark and the background with a Jitter of >25 µs. It features RGB LED and single-lens optics, PMMA lenses all contained in a compact and robust plastic housing. It also has static teach-in with LED display and is available with optical lenses for distances up to 18mm.

The OC60 is offered for higher performance contrast sensing for lower Jitter measurements of >7 µs using the same RGB LED single lens optics as the OC50 although with glass lenses, static and dynamic teach-in within a metal housing. Optical lenses for this option are available for distance up to 40mm. The OC60 also has an adjustable cable outlet in five positions along with industry standard front and side mounting options. These features, along with a sensing beam that can leave the unit either vertically or horizontally ensures maximum positioning flexibility.

The OC60 luminescence sensing option features UV LED single lens optics, glass lenses and is designed for effective detection of fluorescent markings and can be adjusted for five sensitivity levels. It provides response times of 0.34 ms and is available with optical lenses for distances up to 50mm.

The OC60D has a colour mode to detect not only the contrast but also the actual colour so is particularly suitable for colour detecting and sorting applications, such as those required for packaging in the food and drink processing industries.

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