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A single platform for industrial supervision, control and analysis

A single platform for industrial supervision, control and analysis To meet the needs of business automation professionals, Progea devised Automation Platform.NExT, a single, open, modular software platform for supervising and managing all production processes, with Supervision, Control, Data Collection and Industrial Analysis capabilities.

Building on Progea's 20+ years' experience, Automation Platform.NExT is not just the evolution of Movicon software, but it constitutes one of the most ambitious achievements in the field of industrial software. Indeed, Automation Platform.NExT can provide all basic tools to design any automation application, fulfilling any needs in terms of data gathering and I/O servers, history building, viewing and geolocation, analysis and reporting, plant intelligence and MES solution interaction, monitoring via SoftPLC solutions, alarm and downtime management, over-the-web viewing and monitoring and more, without any limitations.

Thanks to its modular architecture - open to integrating third-party functional modules - Progea can offer a scalable, customizable solution to meet the needs of clients from different industries: manufacturing, construction, energy, food, even pharmaceutical. Moreover, the intuitive configuration environment makes designing even complex projects a breeze.

With this brand new platform concept, application possibilities become endless, the design of complex systems is effortless, software development and maintenance costs are reduced and the life cycle of the adopted solutions is extended. Automation Platform NExT is a crucial decisional support tool for production managers, maintenance managers, energy managers and plant supervisors, as it allows them to effectively manage data flow for each business process - even in a multi-location context - from a single sensor to full-scale business intelligence.
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