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Accurate anti-backlash screw jacks

Accurate anti-backlash screw jacks Axial backlash exists in standard screw jacks as the 'gap' or 'play' between the flanks of the lead screw thread and the internal thread on the worm gear nut. This 'gap' or 'play' is due not only to normal manufacturing tolerances, but to the fact that there must be some clearances to prevent binding and galling when the screw jack is operating under load. In most applications either the load direction is constant so axial backlash does not occur or the position error caused by the axial backlash is considered negligible for the application. However some applications require minimal or regulated axial backlash for accurate and repeatable positioning. Power Jacks' anti-backlash mechanism on screw jacks can be used to reduce axial-backlash to a practical minimum (typically 0.013mm) or a regulated value. Reduction in axial backlash below this minimum is not normally recommended as it can cause binding and excessive wear.

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